Inner Voice: Listen Up

Listening to your Inner Voice is more than an axiom, cliché or buzz word. It is the art and act of connecting to your Higher Power, Higher Self, the Universe, Angels, Guides or the God within.

There is a moment when you can make a decision to listen to that still, small voice within. The small voice is your highest authority, your greatest strength, your deepest peace and everything in the Universe.

You may realize that when you pay attention and follow your Inner Voice, life unfolds in a dramatically new way. Opportunities seem to present themselves with no forewarning and your possibilities expand.

Your soul’s sole purpose for incarnation is for Inner growth and Spiritual awakening. You can cross the mental boundary that separates you from your Inner Voice – with a decision and focusing moment to moment.

Steps to connect with your Inner Voice:

• Connect with your heart energy – Put your hand on your heart, focus, listen and trust. Your heart is your second ‘brain’ and your emotional center. The neurological tissue found in the brain is found in the heart. You were indoctrinated, conditioned and encouraged to be ‘logical’ – ‘Use your head’. When you use your head, exclusively, you experience yourself and the world with a limited view. You miss out on the vital information your body, heart and soul is giving you.

• Connect with your body energy – Your body gives you all the information you need to shift your life from distress and dis-ease to health and wellness. For example, when you are around someone with whom you are uncomfortable, does your stomach tense up in knots? When someone yells at you, do your shoulders tense? When you feel at ease and alive, does your chest feel warm and expansive. When you ignore your body’s messages, you are ignoring your needs. Notice the messages your body gives. Ask that body part what it needs. You might be surprised the straight forward and uncomplicated answer you receive. Your body is a fountain of wisdom to guide you to the right path.

• Listen to your Intuition – Intuition is to know something without knowing how you know. It is often called 6th sense. Notice a ‘gut feeling,’ and then honor it. Your intuition is seldom wrong – the only time it is wrong is when you second guess yourself. When your intuition presents itself, trust it. Practice makes perfect in trusting your intuition. Use your intuition in your decision making process. Notice when you follow your intuition things work well. Notice what transpires when you ignore your intuition.

• Listen for your Self-Saboteur – Everyone has their unique saboteur. The saboteur is the voice of negative thinking. The voice that says: “Who do you think you are?” “You are not smart enough; not good enough.” “You are a fraud.” Your saboteur is the voices of the negative indoctrination, conditioning and admonishments from childhood. Notice them and turn them off  like you would an annoying song on the radio. Separating your empowered voice from the saboteur is a powerful and life changing experience.

• Recognize your limiting beliefs – Your limiting beliefs develop from past experiences and your interpretations of those experiences. Some of your conscious and unconscious beliefs limit your ability to move forward. Learning to recognize your limiting belief and release them, thus, putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your life. You are then in charge of your choices and allow yourself to fulfill your potential.

Limiting beliefs:
-You tell yourself you have few choices or ‘no choice.’
-Your inner critic is quick to point out so-called mistakes and failures.
-Decisions are black or white, an either/or situation.
-You feel restricted and sense you lack clarity about a situation.
-You make decisions on fear avoidance or to keep the peace.
-You have decided – ‘This is the way the world is.’ You believe, If you
didn’t have bad luck you would have any luck.’

You might wonder what you ‘should’ believe. Wondering what you ‘should’ believe is a limiting belief. The empowered question is: What do I want to believe? What is right for me? What is the right choice for me? The answers to your questions lie within. Listening to your Inner Voice will lead you on a path that feels deeply satisfying and fulfilling. Your personal and business life will flourish with this new level of trust in yourself.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.