Is Your “Psychological Firewall” Strong Enough To Prevent Attacks On Your Brain?

Is Your “Psychological Firewall” Strong Enough To Prevent Attacks On Your Brain?

I value our connection. For this reason, I’m extending this invitation from my business partner: Dan Low.

Did you know…

Each day 98% of employees make these 4 deadly mistakes …

And end up feeling:

• Anxious
• Frustrated
• Stressed or pressured • discouraged
• Resentful
• Powerless

A 90-minute, high-impact, no-cost webinar will expose these 4 deadly mistakes, and unique tools to help you eradicate the above negative feelings – instantly, once you know how.

You will feel serene, confident, and empowered during and long after the 90-minute session.

During the webinar, you will discover:

Why employees throw away 50% of their time and energy daily

  • How to install a psychological firewall to stop all negative attacks on your brain
  • What your real objective is. What you’re running after each day, and why.
  • How to master illusion to control all kinds of situations.
  • And receive the basic tools you need to feel good today, tomorrow, and forever.

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IMPORTANT:  Webinar limited to first 24 participants who register! (Please note, the webinar won’t be recorded.)

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I look forward to sharing with you.

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Dan Low, international consultant, author and corporate trainer created a series of highly operational tools combining Western and Eastern management strategies. His seminars were initially attended by CEOs from multinationals before being extended to company personnel in 1993. Dan was formerly coordinator of the Management Group in an international networking association of professionals and alumni of major business schools. He taught the techniques of advanced management at the French University Paris Nord.

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