Kindness – The Elixir That Makes Life’s Journey Smoother

Kindness, a natural state of human existence, is little understood as a powerful and empowering natural elixir. Kindness has long-ago  disintegrated into a rare commodity.  When, where and how this phenomenon evolved is more complicated than can be explained in this article. 

Kindness is both an act and state of being – i.e. expressed by goodness and charitable behavior, affable disposition, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for all that exists.

In the past two decades many enlightened people brought forth campaigns to revitalize kindness as humans were born to live – a natural state of being and acting. Such campaigns include: Random Acts of Kindness, Pay It Forward, and the list goes on.

However, it is painfully apparent, many people are still stuck in the eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth and retribution mindset that has played out in the Casey Anthony verdict.

Everyone knows that kindness makes the journey lighter and more enjoyable. Something as simple as thinking about kindness puts a smile on your face for days or weeks or perhaps inspires you to share kindness with someone. Though it may seem simplistic to the point of insignificance, all humans acknowledge that kindness is a powerful virtue. It is the simplest way to experience and share all the grandest aspects of humanity.

 However, we have been indoctrinated and conditioned to demand an eye- for-an-eye, a-tooth-for-a-tooth, to seek revenge and retribution.  The outrage and hatred expressed between countries, religious beliefs, cultures and individuals is the epitome of the indoctrinations and conditioning.

You can make the choice to act from the best of who you truly are at any time. While simultaneously knowing the highest potential in another with the smallest of acts, nourishing the seed of hope in each soul you encounter. Whether you give way to someone in traffic or let someone go ahead of you in line, donating money or sharing your home in a crisis, you actively create a universe of kindness. The smallest gesture will bring a smile to light the shadow of doubt or fear in any situation or remove tension from a difficult situation or task. The effect of your kindness can echo and extend far beyond the moment. You will assure yourself that you will receive a kindness in return, thus, giving kindness reminds us that  it is its own reward. 

Kindness expands the light within you and reaches out to touch the light in others as well. Thus, you receive a glimpse of the glow that has the power to enlighten the world around you; and all who come into your sphere.

Kindness is the oil in your engine that smoothes the ride as you travel on your journey. Of course, you can go on your journey with little or no kindness, however, the ride is less pleasant, and those around are doing the same. The Idiom, ‘Birds of a feather flock together, applies. When you focus on kindness as your natural state of existence you draw to you those who have the same mindset.  

Kindness is limitless in its supply and availability. When you act in ways that confirm your ideal, you create the ideal in your reality. Then, instead of affirming the experience of struggle and competition, you shift your experience to the reality of ease and pleasurable camaraderie with your fellow sojourners in this world.