Live Life Through The Laws Of The Universe

Are you living your life through practicing the Laws of the Universe? There are twelve major laws and 21 sub-laws. These laws are omnipresent and irrevocable.

Many people believe if they practice the Laws of the Universe they will have every desire as they desire. This is foolhardy to be sure, because, everything works together and unless all aspects of your desires (including you) are in harmony, immediate gratification is impossible.

Over time, when you stay true to the Laws, the Laws will stay true to you. You will build steadily in your mind and your character a greater sense of harmony, strength, courage, beauty and abundance in harmony with your deepest values.

All of your focus and effort is about realizing the ideal or the highest good you can know in each moment. Over time, you will bring everything forth into your experience.

Stay focused and committed to your desires and you will see your desires come to fruition.

All of this focus and effort is about you realizing the ideal or the highest good you can know in this moment, and over time, bringing it forth into your experience.