Manifest Your Desires – Tips To ‘Speed-Up’ The Process

Do you have a plan to create your desires? There are many basic principles on manifesting your desires. Set the goal, develop a plan, forge ahead; adjust as the progress unfolds and never give up. While these basics are tried and true, there are strategies one can add to the basic principles that enhance and some say, ‘speed-up,’ the success rate.

Based on the basic principles in yoga, tai chi and acupuncture, the art of Feng shui seeks to optimize the flow of positive energy through the precise placement of items. Feng shui is both a systematic and intuitive approach to enhance one’s psychological and spiritual well-being through well designed living spaces.

Another powerful way to strengthen your psychological and spiritual well-being is to realize your intentions by creating an affirmation box.

• Choose a box that you find attractive and symbolic of your desire.
• Use a new pen with blue or black ink.
• Write you intentions on a piece of paper.
• Be specific about your desires. Write all the details you know.
• Place the paper inside the box.
• Put the box in the area of the bagua that is symbolic of your desires. A Bagua is one of the main Feng shui tools used to analyze the energy of any given space. The life area connected to the Southwest bagua area of your home is called love relationships and marriage. For example: if you are seeking a mate, place the box in the relationship area. Remember to be detailed in your description of your mate.
• Keep the box in the same place until your intention becomes a reality. Seeing your box daily will be a reminder of your intentions.
• Repeat this process for each desire/intention you have. Continue to add more boxes with you intentions as new desires arise. Remove the boxes of the desires you have realized.

Wealth and Prosperity is everyone’s desire. The life area for Wealth and Prosperity is the Southeast area of your home/work environment. It is recommended to express, at least in some of your Southeast Feng Shui remedies, the energy of wealth and abundance in all its forms – from material wealth to the wealth of all the numerous blessings in your life.

• What represents wealth and prosperity to you? Place personal reminders of prosperity throughout your home.
• Place prosperity items in the Wealth and Prosperity area of your home.
• Write a check to yourself in the amount of money you desire; display it where you see it daily.
• Frame and hang affirmations or pictures of your goals and desired requests.
• Decorate your Wealth and Prosperity area with purples, reds and blues.
• Hang a mobile or wind chime to stimulate the Chi in the Wealth and Prosperity area.
• Add coins, a fountain (water flow), gold and silver objects (the color of ancient medium of exchange).
• Update the front entrance – remove clutter and add ‘greeters’ – Foo Dog, [Chinese mascot of the Tongs is believed to bring good luck], Dragon, Lion(s), or Argyle on either side of the front door.
• In the kitchen, place a mirror on the wall behind your cook top for magnifying wealth.

Feng Shui bagua is the most valuable tool of Feng Shui. It is used to help understand how environment relates to the various aspects of life. Wealth, reputation, love, family, health, travel, acquaintances, career, wisdom, children and creativity are the main life areas. Each are represented by a corresponding area on the bogua map.

Feng Shui is a detailed and practical method of manifesting what you desire. There are many excellent books and videos as well as practitioners, who can assist you in creating the best environment to manifest your greatest desires. Many architects and builders use Feng Shui to manifest projects quickly and effortlessly. Billionaire Real Estate, Hotel, Golf Course and Entertainment mogul, Donald Trump is a strong proponent of using Feng Shui design in all his properties from the grounds to the roof tops.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to faithfully stay the course to reap the rewards.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.