My Holiday Gift to You – One FREE Session – Face-to-Face or Phone

The Dalai Lama says there are no economic problems, no environmental problems, no (you can fill in the blank) problems, there are only spiritual and emotional issues to be healed, resolved and transformed.  

It is our awareness of, and in our relationship to the challenge where we find the opportunity to create something better. 

Our results are an expression of our level of awareness. When we expand our awareness we naturally expand our results. 

As we are in the middle of the holiday season, there are many people who are struggling to manifest the money they desire. 

That is why I am offering a gift of one FREE session to assist you in your challenge to heal, resolve and transform any blocks, fears, or negative programming to clear your awareness so that you can manifest what you desire.

 My Holiday Gift to You – One FREE session – Face-to-Face or phone. 

Only 10  8  7 gifts – First come first serve  480-794-1561.