Nicotine Replacement Products Keep You Addicted

Pharmaceutical executives have a trick up their sleeves – the quit smoking aids like nicotine patches and gum keep you addicted, and you are tricked into thinking that it is a good way to quit using tobacco. The trick is ingeniously formulated into the product and does not even need to be hidden. The truth is, patches and nicotine gum are designed to keep you craving the chemicals in the patch or gum that are also in the tobacco of your choice – snuff (chew) or cigarettes.

Your quitting is against the interest of the company that make the patches and gum. For the pharmaceutical company the ideal situation is for you to use their product, but fail to quit in the long term. When you relapse, they hedge their bets you will think that it is your personal weakness or failure and has nothing to do with the product being faulty. Thus, you will buy their product again and again.

Think about it – if 100% of smokers succeed, will anyone buy nicotine replacement products again? Of course not, if the quit smoking products worked. It would be like a shampoo company making a product that keeps your hair clean forever. Granted it would be a good product until all people quit smoking and the company would lose that share of profit. Many of my clients have used the patch as many as 5 times without success or have used the gum for 10 – 15 years and still continue to smoke, albeit less. Each product has life threatening side effects that are in the fine fine print in the back pages of the research. Do the research – deaths have been attributed to these products. In short, for pharmaceutical companies, helping you quit smoking or chewing is just bad for profits.

Do Not Fall for the Hype

Talk to people, who smoke or chew, ask them if they have used nicotine replacement products. Of those who say, yes, 90% will say that these products didn’t work (for me). Yet, he/she might know someone who was successful – however – unbeknown it had little to do with the product and everything to do with the individual’s commitment and determination to quit.

Why then do people still buy the product? They do not know the ingenious trick used against them. Furthermore, Americans have been indoctrinated, conditioned and horribly misinformed to believe the AMA, FDA and government does everything for  the benefit of the citizenry. This country was founded on Of the People, For The People and By the People. Tragically, the people have failed to enforce political integrity and Power Brokers are in control. Pharmaceutical company executives are among the Power Brokers.

All a Pharmaceutical company has to do is make a few polished ads that make bold claims with nice packaging and Americans are easily seduced, conned, tricked into handing money over for whatever is being hawked on TV. This is not to say, all products promoted on TV are rip-offs. You need to do the research to determine if you are being seduced, conned or tricked.

YOU can change that paradigm. ALL Pharmaceuticals are poison to the body – no matter the bold claims. Read the fine print side effects of all pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the- counter). You will notice the side effects are worse than what you want to eliminate. If you need help with nicotine withdrawal, and decide to not feed your nicotine habit there are two highly effective solutions – Quit Cold turkey or engage with a certified hypnosis practitioner. Hypnosis has 100% success rate.

Make a decision to be nicotine *F-r-e-e. Did you know that you are a non-smoker or chewer 80% of the day? You only need to quit 20% of the time. Make a statement: Quit your nicotine habit with hypnosis or Go Cold Turkey. Recruit your friends, who smoke/chew to join the journey, unless you and they enjoy paying money to tobacco companies or paying for bogus quit smoking products that have horrible side effects – including death.