Pain – Important Health Benefit

Pain as an important health benefit sounds crazy to the majority of people. Pain is defined as a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder, emotional distress; a fundamental feeling that people strenuously avoid, an annoyance, something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness.

People experience many different types of pain. My clients often share that they are far more capable of handling physical pain than mental or emotional pain. However, it matters not what kind of pain you are presented with – whether it is emotional distress, avoidance, depression, anxiety, a broken heart or the loss of a loved one – there is consistently an opportunity for transformation. This type transformation is not necessarily easy, but it can be very enriching.

Pain is a catalyst for transformation. Yet most people would say they prefer pleasure instead of pain. This means that when they feel good, they often do not have a lot of motivation to grow, question and discover new aspects of themselves. People who are comfortable maintaining the status quo have become complacent in their lives.

Many people read spiritual or health books when they are facing challenges, but abandon them when they feel good. Working with a client recently, I asked her subconscious mind if the pain she was experiencing would dissipate now that she was working on resolving it. The subconscious mind said, ‘No.’ I inquired about the reason behind the reluctance for the pain to dissipate now. The response was enlightening. ‘Because, she will not continue doing all the work she needs to do if the pain goes away. As soon as she has completed all the work she needs to do, the pain will dissipate completely.’ And true to the subconscious mind’s promise, within ninety days, she had completed all the work she needed to complete and the pain disappeared completely.

Many people come to me stating, ‘No one can tell me what to do, except to numb the pain or cut out something and yet, I know there is an answer.’ They are right – there is an answer within. I am the facilitator to assist a person to discover what is stored in their cellular memory. These experiences were; either energizing and healing or blocking energy and causing pain.

Listening to your body, thoughts and feelings is key. When you understand the secret language of your body, you will discover what your body is telling you. Life becomes richer and more whole when you understand what your mind, body and spirit needs.

Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) focuses on one body part at a time. The body is seen as a bunch of individual systems functioning on their own with no connection to other parts/systems. Furthermore, TWM encourages/demands that people blindly rely on pills or body part manipulation or removal as the best judgment to manage distress and pain. Since TWM views the body as individual systems cause and effect is ignored. Protocol with prescriptions provides a numbing effect and removing body parts seldom resolves the issue and sometimes makes it worse.

Mind, Body, Spirit healing engages with the individual body’s wisdom and intuitive ability to bring forth the information to create a unique healing experience. Mind, Body, Spirit healing encourages the body to heal naturally by releasing the dense energy that blocks energetic connections.

When one feels connected to someone or something, one can communicate, listen and take action more easily, quickly and effectively than when one feels blocked, angry, disconnected and disrespected. Your body, mind and spirit are inextricably intertwined. There is no beginning and no end.

When there is disconnection, you may experience blockages and a rift in communication between body systems. This creates pain and disorder in your experience of life because the messages are not transmitting properly. Disconnection can manifest itself as a dis-ease; emotional disruption; a trapped feeling where nothing seems to transpire or go your way; or a traumatic occurrence in your life throws things into turmoil.

What you see, hear, sense, believe and experience either helps your body to connect and run more smoothly, or puts the brakes on and creates havoc. For example people are bombarded with commercials every twenty minutes on what drug to buy for hundreds of illnesses or ‘age related,’ infirmities. After hearing these pronouncements for days, weeks or years, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that one has cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, heart attack, arthritis, back pain, knee/joint pain etc. Of course, these examples are simple and obvious, but the mind, body, spirit is simple and will give what is affirmed.

To become empowered and learn from your pain is to be aware and proactive. The first step to pain relief is recognizing what is causing the pain – mind, body, spirit. For example a client came to me with severe back pain that TWM recommended surgery. During the history taking portion of the session, she revealed that everyone in her family of origin expected her to be the problem solver and ‘go-to’ person. Married with children, she was taking care of two families – a back ‘breaking’ proposition.

In addition to emotional and spiritual healing, my recommendation was to stop taking care of her family of origin, since no one had any medical issues which they needed help with. While it was difficult for her to tell her family they needed to take care of their own issues, she was ultimately glad she did. Within a few days she could walk without pain. When you become aware of what is causing your pain, you can view the problem differently. Learn the lesson the pain presents and take action by changing your thinking, behavior, clearing your energy and begin communicating with your body, mind and spirit.

Going forward stop all negative self-talk, learn to appreciate yourself. Talk with your body – ask it what help it needs. For example: You will receive messages to relax, be more patient and loving, eat differently, exercise, get a massage, get more rest, take a vacation or change your belief about a situation.

This might be challenging initially, however, when you become accustomed to the exercise, you will notice that it becomes second nature. You are guided from within by a higher power, higher self or the God within. The biggest challenge is to ask for assistance, and then listen and take the action prescribed even though your ego mind might want to nix the suggestion. Help is available without doubt when you ask. For more information about this topic

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.