QUIT your Tobacco HABIT This WEEK – $70 discount

QUIT your tobacco HABIT This WEEK – $70 discount

While the TV commercials  to quit tobacco habit paint a picture it easy breezy to quit;  if you take this pill, chew this gum or use this patch and your tobacco habit will disappear is misleading.  There is more than only a tobacco habit.

Quitting a tobacco habit, whether it is smoking, smokeless—chewing or snuff, it is a significantly important step. There is no one simple reason someone decided to use tobacco as a way to cope in life. Therefore, it is important to discover and resolve the issue(s) at the core—the root cause.

A protocol which addresses all aspects of the tobacco habit, emotional/mental, physical, nutritional and relational provides a highly successful experience.

In this practical and effective protocol the total emotional/mental, physical, nutritional and relational issues are addressed—such as exercise, food plan, vitamins and minerals, stress, and dis-ease.

Dr Dorothy offers a 20 minute FREE NO obligation consultation to answer your questions and discuss the protocol.  Why wait…?  You regain your health and peace of mind.

This week only – $70 discount.  drdorothy@drdorothy.net

Dorothy M Neddermeyer, PhD facilitates Hypnosis, an effective protocol to transform the root cause of all issues and symptoms.  Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation (EPST) is direct, focused and combines creating health and happiness while transforming the past. You can clear negative energy, blocks, anxiety, phobias and fears. Past Life Regression work by request. https://drdorothy.net