Ruling State – Positive or Negative?

What is your ruling state of mind?  Is your ruling state of mind upward or downward? Do you recognize when your ruling state of mind is positive or negative?

Only one word can render the thought positive or negative. Are you using these words? The following words are representative of the type of negative words most frequently used.

• Should/Shouldn’t
• Have to/Must/Supposed to
• Don’t/Didn’t
• Why
• Always
• Never
• If only…
• But
• If
• Inferior
• Wrong
• Stupid
• Dumb
• Foolish
• Idiot
• Bad
• Evil
• Sorry
• Loser
• Mean
• Poor
• Invalid
• Fail
• Hate
• Disgust(ed)
• Disappointed
• The list goes on…

Dr. Raymond Holliwell (1900 – 1986), author, Working With The Law – 11 Truth Principles For Successful Living, said, “When our ruling mental state is upward bound – aspiring, harmonious, and positive, all forces will be directed into constructive channels. When one’s state of mind is downward in tendency-discordant and negative, then almost all forces will be misdirected.”

Robert Schrauf, associate profession of applied linguistics and anthropologist at Penn State University, with psychology graduate student, July Sanchez, conducted a linguistics study. Schrauf and Sanchez chose two different age groups in Mexico City and Chicago.

“The results, Schrauf said, are surprising. Fifty percent of all the words that people produce from their working vocabulary are negative. Thirty percent are positive and Twenty percent are neutral.” Each group, young Mexicans and old Mexicans, young Anglos and old Anglos, had the same proportions.

Schrauf, also, studied the reasons behind the human tendency to use more negative vocabulary than positive. Over the centuries, Schrauf’s study revealed, people developed more words to describe the negative because survival and quality of life was at stake more in early history. Schrauf, says, “Negative emotions require more detailed thinking, more subtle distractions.” Therefore, out of habit people conjure up more negative words. His research suggests that is probably true for every culture. One’s parents, authority figures, teachers, religion and morays become the role model and a negative ruling mental state continued to be the accepted standard.

Remember the Law of Attraction holds the truth that what you focus on is what you draw into your life. What do you want to draw into your life – positive or negative results?

Pause now. Focus your ruling state of mind on positive thoughts – an upward, aspiring, harmonious spiral.

Go ahead start right now – experiment and you will see the fruits of your labor. What will you gain, when you focus on only positive thoughts? You have the Universe’s energy behind you. The Universe only goes in one direction- an upward spiral. You can join the momentum at any moment. Now is as good as any.

Have a wonderful day moment to moment in your positive upward spiral.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you deisre. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings.