Self Sabotaging Words and Limiting Beliefs

Self-Sabotaging Words————————–Empowering Words  

1. Always  or Never——————————–Usually, Sometimes, Seldom

2. If Only___.————————————–Next time__. When__please__.

3. Why did/don’t/didn’t you__?———————Next time___. If you prefer use___.  

4. I don’t know.————————————-All answers lie within. LOOK, LISTEN, TRUST.

5. You (I) should/shouldn’t————————–If you (I) ___. When you(I)___. Next time___.

6. I’m trying___. Try___. I’ll try___.——————I will___. I intend to___. Yes,___.

7. I can’t___.—————————————I will___. I will not___. I decided to___.

8. I won’t___—————————————I will___, My idea is___, My intention is___. No, thank you.

9. But,___——————————————No excuses. However, (explain)

10. Hope, Hopefully———————————I will___. I intend to___. I decided___.

11. I wish___—————————————-I will___. I intend to___. I decided___.

12. Why me?—————————————-I will___. It is what it is. I will handle it.

13. That’s impossible.——————————-What I perceive, I can conceive.

14. I’m not ready.————————————I can learn how. I’ll start___. 

15. I don’t have enough experience.——————I will do my best. I will ask for assistance.   

16. I’m not good enough.—————————-I choose to learn to be better.

17. Life is difficult (whine)—————————-Life is what I perceive. I will think differently.

18. God’s will.—————————————-I have free-will. I am responsible. I will create.

19. God doesn’t answer my prayers.——————I create my reality. I will decide differently.

20. I’m too tired. (Excuse)—————————-I need rest. I will decide after resting.

21. I’m worried. worrying. (Excuse)——————-I will get information, evaluate and decide.

22. Too busy. (Excuse)——————————-I will schedule it. 

23. I’ll never be successful.————————–What I perceive, I will be successful. I will learn how.

24. I’m too old. I’m too young.———————–Age is a number not an ability. I will learn.

25. I don’t have enough money. (Excuse)————I will find a way. 

26. I’ll never be one of the best.———————The best is subjective. I will learn to create what I desire. 

27. I’m not talented enough.————————-Talent is in the eye of the beholder. I will do my best. 

28. I’ll never be a great leader.———————–Leaders are made not born. I will learn to be a great leader.

29. I’m not smart enough.—————————I will learn. 

30. I don’t have enough experience.—————–Experience is attained by doing. I will learn how. 

​31. ​I’m afraid to___. (Excuse)​————————​I will​ take a risk​___. or No, thank you.

​32. ​What if___. (Drama/Excuse)​———————​Evaluate and decide.

​33. ​I don’t have the time. (Excuse)​——————-Evaluate and decide.

​34. ​Not enough time. (Excuse)​———————–​Evaluate and decide.

​35.​ Around-to-it (Excuse)​—————————-​I will. Or, No thank you.

​35. ​I’ll wait and see what happens. (Excuse)​———-​Nothing happens. Evaluate and decide.

​36. ​It’s too ​difficult​. (Drama/Excuse).​——————Evaluate and decide.

​37. ​Because of what happened…​​(Excuse)​———-​—Evaluate and decide.

​38​. That will never work (Excuse)​———————​Evaluate and decide.

As conscious sojourners we need to live with confidence, humility, and a long-term focus on building Mental/ Emotional and Spiritual growth. That means being vigilant about avoiding statements or anything that is counter to creating. You might smirk every time someone says there are no stupid questions, but the only reason we need to keep reminding ourselves and others is because we are here as students and teachers for each other. It isn’t about discounting anyone! Sometimes your response or demeanor might say otherwise. Recently I made a statement to a colleague, that was different than her belief. She responded that I was judging her. I said. “I apologize if my opinion seemed that I was judging you. I intended it to be another perspective for you to consider.” Whatever, the case, if someone thinks you are judging them or any other perspective, you can clarify your intent. Enjoy your journey.

Published: June 7, 2023