Silence – Important Aspect of Communication

Effective communication is the only means for you to convey what you want another person to know and understand about a subject or circumstance. Effective communication skills are critical to achieve success in both your personal and professional life.

Native American tribes have a unique language. Although, the Romance languages and Modern Greek were developed from Latin and Greek there are still thousands of words borrowed from Greek or based on Greek roots. Native American languages are unique from any other language because it is based on – the world around them and their connection to nature and spirituality.

Native American languages are difficult to learn because of the precise way in which one object relates to another. These relationships seem unimportant to others, but are critically important to the Native American life style. Native Americans’ view of life is that everything they do and everything that transpires is related to the world around them. For example: Native American language describes the experience, ‘I am hungry,’ as, “Hunger is hurting me.” Native American languages paint a picture in your mind.

Native American languages are a tonal language, the vowels rise and fall when pronounced, changing the meaning with pitch alone. There are four tones used: low, high, rising and falling. Two words with different meanings may have the same pronunciation, but with different tones. Many words are nasalized, meaning that the sound comes through the nose instead of the mouth.  The words are breathed into being; rather than chewing the words and ‘spitting’ them out as Romance and Modern Greek languages are spoken.

Native American languages hold silence as part of the meaning. They believe the silence is more informative, than, words and that unless silence is included, it is impossible to achieve full meaning. Silence gives the speaker and listener time to reflect on the meaning and to refine, revise or let it stand.

American English has a plethora of buzz words, clichés, idioms and slang. One such cliché is: ‘Silence is golden.’ Ironically, American English, European, Asian, South American languages are spoken with a blizzard of words that fill the air with little connection to its true meaning and value. The value and meaning are less important.

 Pause now and consider adopting, ‘Listening to the silence;’ as part of your communication style. You will hear ideas, think ideas and speak your ideas as you are working through the many aspects of what life is about. Create space between your ideas and ask the silence to speak to you about your life in this moment.

As you do this, you will find that you are a part of the core of your thoughts, ideas and poignant Silence is a miracle waiting for you to discover it.