Steve Jobs Didn’t Have To Die of Pancreatic Cancer

October 5, 2011 – With the passing of Steve Jobs the world lost a visionary, brilliant scientist, and innovator, who some say is equal to Albert Einstein. At 56 he could have had several more decades of life ahead of him, but his life was cut short by Western/Allopathic cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation.

Western/Allopathic Medicine protocol approaches cancer as if it were an invading enemy to be fought against, vanquished and conquered. Over the last 60 years, hundreds of billions of dollars and enormous amounts of medical and scientific research has gone into finding more and more ways to ‘fight’ cancer. Yet, cancer continues to cause one in four deaths in theUnited States. CA Cancer Journal for Clinicians 2009; 59:225-249 doi: 10.3322/caac.20006 © 2009 American Cancer Society

Would it be OK if I told you there is a protocol that considers the natural cause of body dysfunctions, the reason (root cause) behind the development of tumors called cancer, and all other ‘sickness labels?’ Would it be OK if I told you many people have used this protocol and lived a natural healthy life beyond Western/Allopathic life expectancy?  To begin, one needs to understand the fundamentals on how the body functions outside the confines of Western/ Allopathic protocol

Deep in the brain, called the brainstem, there are several highly sensitive nerve centers that serve to alert the system to something in the body that needs attention. These nerve centers reach into every part of the brain and into the unconscious and subconscious mind. This sensitive nerve center is called the ‘reticular activating system,’ (RAS). The RAS is on the job 24/7 ready to alert the conscious mind to things that are:

• Familiar or connected to the system in some way

• Unusual, abnormal, shocking or strange to the system in some way

• Dangerous, threatening or problematic to the system in some way

Starting with the industrialized age the majority of people began operating on ‘auto-pilot’ whereby life is familiar on a regular basis. People’s minds slip into alpha-mode, which allows them to perform routine tasks such as ordinary chores/tasks, driving/cleaning, etc. without needing heightened attention. Alpha Brain Waves have a cycle between the frequency 8 Hz – 12 Hz.  They are in synchronized fashion connecting both hemispheres of the brain, though they can be found solely in the right hemisphere too. Alpha brainwaves are the dominant brain wave activity when the body and mind are able to relax.  When you practice meditation, yoga, or are relaxed – you experience alpha brain waves.

When something suddenly or unexpectedly transpires, such as the telephone ringing, door bell ringing, loud noise or siren, the RAS system becomes aware of it first and instantly sends a chemical signal to the brain-alerting us to snap out of alpha mode and move into beta-alert mode to access the situation and respond accordingly. The Beta Brain Waves are within the frequency range of 12 Hz – 38 Hz (or 12 to 38 cycles per second).  Produced by the left hemisphere of the brain, but can be synchronized.  Each time you solve math problems, a logic puzzle, read a book, or are confronted with conflict or a stressor your Beta Brain Waves kick in.

Managing various forms of stressors on a daily basis is part of life. When something transpires that represents a severe stress, trauma or threat to one’s safety or survival RAS instantly alerts the brain on a deeper level. The brain sends out the fight or flight signal and survival chemicals are instantly pumped into the body via the autonomic system. This RED alert, then becomes a Biologic Conflict—fight or flight.

It is during the Biologic Conflict-fight or flight-mode that the body responds with physical changes, including manufacturing defense tissue to help increase its ability to find a resolution to the conflict. Biologic Conflict is a type of stress that affects the mind, emotions, brain, body and spirit, all at the same time. Biologic Conflict remains active until a resolution to the conflict is found. During this period one is in a Conflict Phase.

When the Biologic Conflict is caused by relational issues, such as: verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, the person is often only able to find a temporary solution. Thus, the Biologic Conflict erupts again when one least expects it. Therefore, setting off the ‘fight and flight’ reaction before a resolution to the previous assault could take place. While it might seem redundant to say, however, it is important to state that a Biologic Conflict for an adult is easier to manage than Biologic Conflict for a child. More often than not, the only recourse for a child is to push the conflict below the conscious mind and into any area of the body, including blood, bones, marrow, tissue, hair follicles, cells, including cells in organs.

What were Steve Jobs’ Biologic Conflicts?  The first Biologic Conflict Jobs experienced was being given up for adoption. Although, consciously Jobs was too young to comprehend this event, none-the-less it registered in the unconscious mind as a rejection.  When he was old enough to understand he was adopted; he came face-to-face with the rejection on a conscious level. At which time anger, sadness and frustration surfaced, but since he had ‘loving’ adoptive parents, who cared for him, only an ingrate would express those feelings. Thus, he drove the hurt deep into his cells settling primarily in his pancreases. The pancreases is the seat for rejection, anger and frustration, because life seems to have lost its sweetness. His adoptive parents could not ‘undo’ the rejection devastation, no matter how much love and affection they give him.

Jobs dropped out ofReedCollege,Portland,Oregonafter one semester. Uniting with his friend, Steve Wozniak the two built a prototype computer in Jobs’ parents’ garage. After building 50 models they co-founded Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. His early professional years were sweet, yet, underneath emotionally the rejection experience was lingering.

Jobs suffered another big rejection in 1985 when he was forced out of his own company after a dispute with the board and chief executive officer, John Sculley. Jobs stated he was devastated, but, found solace in 1986 when by the force of his charisma, intuition and genius founded NeXt; a workstation technology company. In 1996 Apple Computer purchased NeXt and Jobs returned to Apple as President. He subsequently introduced innovative products – the colorful iMac computer; the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, etc. In the process he turned Apple into American’s most valued company.

When cancer or other ‘sickness labels’ are looked at from a metaphysical perspective, it leads to the realization that symptoms are under the direct control of the brain. Tumors and body dysfunctions are a completely natural response that is designed to help protect us from harm and keep us alive during times of extreme stress.

Symptoms during the Conflict Phase are few. Tumors might grow, but, rarely create fevers, pain, or discharge to signal their presence. Tumors and other ‘sickness labels’ are usually found when screening tests are conducted.

When one is able to find a resolution to the Biological Conflict then RAS automatically turns off the emergency signals to the brain. The brain, then, shifts to incorporate the resolution as a Healing Phase. Sometimes the resolution works and sometimes it is inadequate for the task.

Thus, if the resolution is inadequate, symptoms will become apparent such as inflammation fevers, discharge and an overall sensation that is similar to recovering from a ‘cold.’ When symptoms are labeled cancer or any ‘sickness label,’ Western/Allopathic Medicine philosophy dictates that a battle with invasive pharmaceutical chemicals, chemotherapy and/or radiation is warranted. When the warfare with chemotherapy and radiation fails, the impacted body part is removed. Thus, additional chemicals are required in an attempt to compensate for the missing body part.

In spite of all the cancer-fighting chemicals that Western/Allopathic Medicine has developed, ‘fighting’ cancer with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery does nothing to resolve the Biologic Conflict. As long as the Biologic Conflict goes unresolved the brain will look for places in the body to continue to seek ways to create resolution. While cancer may not reoccur, other symptoms will usually surface, such as ‘sickness labels’ diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, heart disease, arthritis, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight/obesity, and the list goes on.

Ultimately, the success of any cancer or ‘sickness label’ treatment or program depends on finding and transforming the underlying root cause of the mental, emotional, sexual or physical trauma—the Biologic Conflict. Since the Biologic Conflict impacts every aspect of the human system, it is logical that the root cause needs to be accessed using the Subconscious mind, which holds all memory, trauma, answers to all questions and all truth.

A complete transformation protocol for any disease includes:

• Remove the accumulation of toxins

• Repair physiological damage with natural supplements and vitamins

• Replenish the body’s supply of essential nutrients

• Restore the harmonious balance of mind, emotions, body and spirit

• Rediscover the reason (the root cause) the body needed to find a resolution

• Replace the heartache, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, humiliation, anger with love, empathy, light and forgiveness

• Realign the energy patterns in mind, body and spirit

When the natural transformation protocol is completed the mind, emotions, body and spirit are free to automatically go back to their natural homeostasis—peace of mind and wellness. No pills, chemicals, radiation or surgery required.

The facts are obvious, and yet, every day, people choose chemotherapy and radiation to their own demise. People like Bea Arthur, Farrah Fawcett, Peter Jennings, Patrick Swayze, Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon University professor, who recorded his last lecture on his experience of slowly dying of Pancreatic Cancer, Elizabeth Edwards (wife of presidential candidate, John Edwards) to name only a few cancer victims, who died by Western/Allopathic medicine.

No matter how dire your predicament might be, I know when you are willing to do the emotional, physical and spiritual transformation, any diagnosis can be transformed. The diagnosis of ‘incurable,’ which is so frightening, only means that the condition cannot be transformed by ‘outer’ methods and that one needs to ‘go within’ to effect the transformation. The condition came from emotional distress and will go back to nothing when the emotional distress is resolved.    ##

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician  – Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs, then, you can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s daily thoughts and feelings.