Stress Free – Holiday Trifecta

Heavenly weather in Phoenix metro area has arrived for six months.  2012 has gone quickly, and it is time to think of the holidays and the New Year.

Many people are unable to go through the three holidays without feeling stressed. However, stress is an option. You can decide to leave stress out of the holidays.

Stress Relievers:

-Avoid the belief everything has to be perfect.

-Plan ahead—buy what can be bought early; minimize last minute food shopping trips.

-Less is more. Agree with your spouse to reduce number of gifts per person, i.e. one big, one medium and one small gift.

-Attend only the ‘must attend’ holiday social events.

-Remember to be grateful for your blessings.

-Add your own stress relievers.

-Last, but not least, keep your commitment to down-size holiday work, activities, events, etc.

Remember—everything will be more enjoyable with less stress. We live in an amazing country with many opportunities.

This is also an important time to evaluate your personal health–physical, emotional and spiritual.

You can have a jump start on the New Year by making a few personal commitments to incorporate healthy habits.

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