Thyroidism – Healing Is Possible

While many people survive the loss of body parts, burning or poisoning, until the energetic issue that caused the need to burn, poison or remove the body part is resolved, the body will continue to bear the burden or that unhappily unresolved energetic issue. The person will recreate the physical dis-ease (unresolved issue) somewhere else in his/her body. An honest (authentic – true to their own heart) conscious change of thought, belief, action or behaviors is the only remedy that will create health in the system.

Let Go Of Old Behavior – Embrace New Behavior

The juxtaposition of letting go of old patterns and behaviors and integrating new patterns and behaviors is sometimes a delicate process. The old patterns and behaviors need to vacate before one bring in new patterns and behaviors. This process can seem like a part of oneself is dying before the new has come in. While the new is what one wants and yearns for, it is sometimes a challenging and precarious process.