Corporal Punishment: Creates Broken Children and Broken Adults

Worldwide research shows that corporal punishment absolutely serves no useful purpose whatsoever, but, causes untold damage to the individual, and creates broken children, broken adults, physical and mental wrecks, violent abusive, aggressive revengeful adults, wife-beaters and all that adds up to an appalling society that nobody wants.

Corporal Punishment of Children Is A Serious Matter

Corporal punishment usually stops the misbehavior in the immediate situation, but parents and teachers have no way of seeing the long-term effects such as depression or hitting a spouse because they do not show for months or years later.

Like all harmful events, most people who experience them, are not harmed. For example, while a third of heavy-smokers die from smoking related diseases, two-thirds of them don’t meet the same fate. Similarly, only a small percentage of solders in combat end up with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.