Power Struggles: Eliminate Them

No matter what your age, from the ‘terrible two’s to the stressful forties’ (often referred to as a mid-life crises) everyone desires to be treated as competent and capable, recognized for their strengths and good intentions, rather than shortcomings, foibles and mistakes. Everyone values his/her thoughts, feelings and needs to be respected and included in the decision making process for the issues that directly involve and impact them. In short, everyone values autonomy and wants to express him/herself and be in command of his/her life.

The ‘terrible two’s’ label was coined because a child begins

Are Feelings and Emotions The Same Or Different?

The terms ‘Feelings’ and ‘Emotions’ are often used interchangeably. However, they are as different as night and day. Emotions are the feelings that were never processed, so as to let go and move on. These stuffed/stored feelings are then triggered or your buttons are pushed; thus, you experience an emotional hook to a past experience that is re-experienced – similar to an instant replay.

The button pushing accompanied by an emotional re-action, act one – scene two, act four hundred -scene one thousand or act one thousand – scene two thousand…you get the point. When that right or wrong situation rears its ugly head, you automatically go into the defense mode and prove your Self right. Or in the extreme emotional state of the conflict you will acquiesce and make your Self wrong about something or another – and play martyr.

Depression – Heal The Root Cause

Traditional Holistic Healing a.k.a. Transformational or Metaphysical Healing has proven that depression is anger turned inward. If you are a student of any spiritual tradition you understand that virtually everything in the world of form is the unfolding of spiritual reality—that all things are arising spontaneously within the field of infinite potentiality. Thus, the cause of the chemical imbalance is not the cause of clinical depression but the symptoms of it. The ‘cause’ or mechanism that lies behind the phenomena of depression lies within the limits of personal consciousness itself.