Silence -The Ultimate Control and Power Over Another

Silence a.k.a. Withholding is the most damaging and hurtful form of verbal abuse. One might think that in order for the behavior to be considered verbal abusive words need to be spoken. This misunderstanding of verbal abuse adds to the recipient’s confusion within the relationship. The recipient of silence/withholding may believe the relationship is functional because the abuser may communicate functional information, but refuses–through silence/withholding (non-responsive)–to communicate on an intimate level.

Arthritis – Laser Treatment

For complete healing the core emotional and spiritual wound(s) that manifested as arthritis need to be healed on the cellular, subconscious and spiritual level. Also, food sensitivities/allergies and lack of minerals, vitamins and supplements need to be addressed. While the laser treatments reduce the swelling and drives the pain below the surface of the conscious mind; the emotional, cellular and spiritual core wound will remain and will resurface after a period of time. Therefore, it is imperative that emotional and spiritual healing are simultaneously administered rather than a wait and see philosophy as to what results the laser treatment will provide. Because in the short-term, Laser treatments will provide absence of pain and swelling, but not heal the cause of the arthritis.

Depression – Heal The Root Cause

Traditional Holistic Healing a.k.a. Transformational or Metaphysical Healing has proven that depression is anger turned inward. If you are a student of any spiritual tradition you understand that virtually everything in the world of form is the unfolding of spiritual reality—that all things are arising spontaneously within the field of infinite potentiality. Thus, the cause of the chemical imbalance is not the cause of clinical depression but the symptoms of it. The ‘cause’ or mechanism that lies behind the phenomena of depression lies within the limits of personal consciousness itself.