Is Your Inner Child Running Your Life?

Your inner child becomes the source of many of the unbreakable patterns and habits that show up again and again. And it is not until you begin to work with this formidable power source that things can begin to shift.

Like most people, you will need to spend active time first of all identifying your inner child … and then listening to her/him, like no one has listened to her/him before.

But there is something deeper going on as well. Somewhere back behind the annoyance and upset there is anxiety, as well as a strange, subtle desire to feel that feeling. Like a moth to the flame…, that familiar feeling is a powerful part of you.

Emotional and Spiritual Transformation

In Mind, Body, Spirit healing, the Facilitator assists the person to connect with the three major parts of themselves—mind, body (cellular), spirit, and to go back to the inner child, or “child of the inner light.” All things came from light, so internally we are all light, no matter what camouflage (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, shame, guilt, sadness, eating disorders, substance abuse, etc.) we have adopted to keep our “inner child” safe. We ourselves often do not know any of this consciously, but when you learn it, and consciously give this “trilogy” our empowerment to act in our lives, amazing healing occurs. This is true spiritual healing.