Consciousness Shift

Humans are a collection of consciousness through one’s individual time continuum. As an individual collective consciousness, you are a part of the collective. As you shift individually, the collective consciousness shifts. This shift is occurring simultaneously and continuously. Because critical mass is part of the equation, collective consciousness shifts move slower or faster depending on the size of the critical mass.

Stress – Shift Your Inner Landscape

The first step in understanding the role stress plays in your life is to remember, stress is a perception. What one might perceive as a stressor another might not. Phone ringing, door slamming, heavy traffic or heavy work load can be stress for one person and not another. When your stressors are channeled properly, it can help push you toward your best outcome. However, if not channeled properly, a stressor can create havoc.

Limiting Beliefs – Transform Them

Instead of believing there is only limited good, understand that there is an opulence of good. You can contribute to all that is good when you are in harmony with it and demonstrate it in what you think, feel and do. You know the cliché, ‘Be careful what you think, you might get it.’ While this cliché might seem trivial; it is the nomenclature for the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.