You Are Connected To The Entire Universe And All Its Power

Right now, know that the power in you is greater than anything. Pause – ponder it. The power in you is greater than anything. When you accept that the power you are connected with is greater than anything, you will feel empowered in everything you do. This is a great truth. You are connected to the entire Universe and all its power. Claim it and build on your dreams.

Behaviors That Cause Relationship Difficulties

Your defensive behaviors have developed over time beginning in early childhood, often without your being aware as they are usually the family relational construct. In times of family stress, defensive behaviors worked to help the child navigate challenges with the least amount of pain. Thus, they become the mainstay pattern of behavior and are carried into adulthood, albeit, part of the person knows these behaviors are causing difficulty in his/her relationships.

“You Will Have A Big Impact In People’s Lives”

Little did I know when I was seven-years-old, as I stood barefoot in the driveway of my parent’s cattle ranch watching them drive away to take my beloved aunt to the state mental hospital; I heard the words, “Some day you will have a big impact in people’s lives,” that I would be working with people in their healing process – albeit, I have my shoes on. Many messages guided me through the turbulence and vicissitudes of life. And through it all I made a big impact in people’s lives as you have.