EDITORIAL – Corporal punishment is unethical

Once again, a case of corporal punishment has become news in the media even though this form of punishment has been banned by the government following a ruling of the High Court in January this year. This time, an administrative officer has beaten a student of an English medium school in the city. This form of punishment, which is a violation of human rights, is an impediment to achieving real education.

Power Struggles: Eliminate Them

No matter what your age, from the ‘terrible two’s to the stressful forties’ (often referred to as a mid-life crises) everyone desires to be treated as competent and capable, recognized for their strengths and good intentions, rather than shortcomings, foibles and mistakes. Everyone values his/her thoughts, feelings and needs to be respected and included in the decision making process for the issues that directly involve and impact them. In short, everyone values autonomy and wants to express him/herself and be in command of his/her life.

The ‘terrible two’s’ label was coined because a child begins

Guest Blog: Violence Does Not Teach

On Facebook, a lengthy exchange of written posts and ripostes by some of my Deming neighbors on HB 172 actually roused one person to cheer the armed policemen who recently used pepper spray on an eight year old in a Colorado classroom. “Kudos!” she wrote. “That kid will think twice next time.”

It is remarkable to witness such enthusiasm for police violence, appropriate or not, even when the subject is a child, with no equivalent enthusiasm for social workers and counselors who heal children’s hearts with listening and compassion. Children are not our enemies, but our deepest and most sacred responsibility.