Hard Discipline: A Grand Old Tradition at St. Augustine High School, New Orleans

In effect, the school’s mistreatment of its students tends to exonerate families’ similar mistreatment of their children. The favor is reciprocal. It’s a winning formula. All parties can then soothe their consciences by camouflaging their questionable behaviors behind the flag of tradition.

Guest Blog: Global Summit – Ending Corporal Punishment

The first Global Summit on Ending Corporal Punishment and Promoting Positive Discipline, June 2-4, hosted by S.M.U. psychology professor George Holden, Ph.D. in Dallas. Attending were activists representing twenty one countries who are dedicated to abolishing all forms of spanking, paddling, slapping, hitting and smacking of children world wide. We discussed studies that show corporal punishment produces no positive outcomes and is associated with increased aggression, as well as behavior and mental health problems. It also fosters lower IQ, poorer academic performance, and increased bullying.