Three Tips For Building The Trust Crucial To Creating Attraction

Three tips for building the trust crucial to creating attraction, and creating your most desired realities with the greatest ease possible.


One of the reasons building trust is difficult is all the information you have taken in over the years, flies in the face of this concept. Your unconscious has bagged and tagged every experience, memory, thought, and piece of information you have had your entire life as either good or bad. While you have likely formed many positive beliefs as a result of this mish-mash, there is plenty that is negative. Not all of them are absolutely horrible but some have certainly contributed to living small, not expecting much from life, creating a very limited view of yourself, and what is possible, and not having very much enthusiasm for human experience.

Because people might lack a strong degree of awareness this whole time, one doesn’t have an idea of the full extent of the various outside influences in shaping your belief system, and how you regard yourself. Sometimes you don’t have a clue about any of the ‘stuff’ that belongs to you, and what has been projected onto you. After all this time, it certainly seems like it belongs to you, but one can return it to the sender when you discover where it belongs. All of this ‘stuff’ influenced one’s external experience, and one wrongly takes this as ‘proof’ of what one believes is an indisputable fact. One has no shortage of evidence in one’s own life, and in that of countless others.

Being more cognizant of what one exposes oneself to is important on many levels, and it is one of the most powerful tools for strengthening Trust. One can’t build trust in a concept if one is constantly letting in all manner of things that make it difficult for one to buy into the said concept.

On one hand, Trust is a very simple process—the Universe wants to give everyone all the stuff everyone desires, as quickly as one can let it in. It is not expecting us to jump through hoops, and work hard to prove we need it or are worthy. One’s mere existence entitles one to have all the awesomeness available and one simply needs to claim it.

But, on the other hand, it can be complex because of all the conditioning that has put one out of touch with one’s ability to Trust, and that powerful creator within. Just developing Trust, in theory, is a great start, but one needs to let it permeate one’s being on the deepest level, where one KNOWS and FEELS the truth on a grander scale. One’s mind is not readily going to accept these concepts, and just abandon all it has believed to be true since one can remember

So, there is going to have to be some deliberate effort on one’s part to make the internal shift. This work doesn’t need to be difficult or painful, however, it needs to have some degree of consistency. One needs to take stock of one’s current situation and see where one may be dropping the ball Trust-wise. And one of the biggest issues is what one is exposing oneself to, and what one is letting in.

If one is serious about improving one’s life through applying the principles of Trust, then one needs to protect one’s mind and one’s feelings fiercely. Stop talking about your problems, and steer conversations with others in a different direction as best you can; avoid the discussions about how your country is going to hell in a handbasket; avoid getting sucked into conversations with all your single friends about how all relationships suck and how difficult it is to meet people; stop consuming the news in any form—AVOID worrying, if there is something really important that is going to affect you, you’ll hear about it–your guides will make sure you hear. Right now your vibration is too fragile to be dealing with such negativity on a daily basis.

And avoiding the negative stuff is not enough—it is a great start, but you also need to feed your mind the things that will help you start feeling better and more optimistic. Information that will challenge your current way of thinking, and convince you it is nothing more than an opinion, a really crappy one at that. Don’t go on an information binge, just consuming, without application and reflection. Find a few books, blogs, or whatever that really resonate, and study them. Apply the tips, and digest the information. If you really want to give yourself a fighting chance, you need to be the bodyguard of your mind, and only grant admission to things that will support your efforts.


First, the core elements of successful Trust are actually few, but have various nuances that apply to different aspects of the process. Second, repetition of the information is important for buying into it and edging out all the crap, misinformation, and false precepts.

The core reason for feeling good just for the sake of it, and to avoid focusing on attracting specific things, is because one Trusts based on what one feels. When your vibration is higher, and you are feeling better, lots of great stuff that matches this higher vibration will make its way in, without you needing to put any specific effort into it.

First, the better one feels overall, the more receptive one is to the concept of Trust, and other ideas that support the belief one deserves good things, actually deserve good things, can create whatever one desires, and one can be happy, truly happy.

From this higher-vibing space, one can resonate more with this information, and one is in closer proximity to the big ME, our higher self, that has known these simple, yet powerful truths. God, what our higher selves need to think as they watch us fumble through this existence, suffering needlessly! As loving and perfect as they are, there are times they want to slap us on the head and yell…WHAT is wrong with you people?

Second, feeling better overall raises one’s vibration, which is where Trust resides. As one’s vibration raises, one’s outside experiences improve, and one can allow in all sorts of wonderful experiences and things. The more one Trusts, the more one begins to believe Trust is real, and the more one receives. The more one believes it is real, the easier it is to trust one is taken care of, there is some force orchestrating all of this in a way one can’t possibly fully understand and doesn’t need to, and what one desires will be delivered at the perfect time.

The process of trusting and attracting something is the same no matter what area of one’s life, no matter how big or small the thing. When one starts seeing stuff transpire, no matter what the manifestation, one’s belief that this same awesomeness can be put into process for the things that one really desires, that are really important, grows, and solidifies.

While one is technically not supposed to rely on outside appearances to bolster one’s Trust, let’s face it…one has doubts, and it makes one feel all happy and relieved when one sees something that helps one to believe. It’s okay to have confirmation.

So, if you have set some specific intentions, and you have your vision boards, do your visualizing, affirm, and whatever, it’s all good. So long as that stuff actually helps you raise your energy and bolster your belief of what you desire is coming, keep at it.

But, don’t forget to focus on feeling good overall, and doing things that compel you to feel happy, well, do it, just because they compel you to feel happy. The Universe and your higher self know what you desire, and they don’t need your conscious participation at all. But most of us aren’t vibing so high we can totally release and get out of the way. It is what it is.

The order won’t get lost. The Universe won’t conclude you don’t want the things you desire if you start enjoying your life now without them, or if you aren’t thinking about them every second. As far as acquiring something through the means of conscious creation–Trusting, one gets the goods based on what one feels and believes, not the exact amount of effort one is putting into aligning oneself, or how much one thinks about what one desires.

So, if something compels you to feel good, it is worth your time. Don’t dismiss any activity because it doesn’t seem like you are ‘working’ on yourself, or it appears to be frivolous. The more frivolous the better, in most cases, and the better you feel overall the more trust manifests in your psyche.


Some manifestations fall right into one’s lap, in their full glory. Then there are some that unfold over a longer period of time. This might be for a number of reasons. Perhaps we are not quite a match for what we desire at the moment, and we need to do a bit of work on our mindset and feelings. Or maybe we are not fully ready for a lot of change all at once, even if we consciously desire it, and things are going to come in bits and pieces—the Universe and our higher selves are absolutely perfect in orchestrating things for our greatest benefit. Again, they really don’t need us. In fact, most of the time we are just getting in the way. This is something we may never fully realize, myself included! So, I trust I will receive what I need when I need it and not necessarily a minute before. With the COVID drama, I sent my desires to the Universe and things are coming into being. NO mandatory Vaxxing and traveling without a Vax passport. 

So, because we might not get something in full form right away, but we are aligning with it, we will experience things that demonstrate our energy is shifting and we are lining up with what we desire.

For example, someone is a blogger who wants to be more successful in selling their products, and they find an increase in traffic, and comments, after seemingly no action for a long time. Don’t dismiss this because you are still not seeing what you desire. They’re coming, so long as you don’t crap all over these signposts, (increase in signs and comments) and note that what you desire isn’t here yet.

You desire to have a relationship, and find yourself coming into contact with more people who seem like a great match—you are having those great conversations you imagine having with your partner. You feel more at ease and confident around people than you ever have. Don’t get all discouraged when you leave a gathering without anyone having asked for your number. He/she is coming as long as you don’t crap all over these signposts, and note that the person you want isn’t here yet. So, you are separated from your partner and you can set your intention to draw him/her back to you. Trust your guides are working on it, But, your doubt keeps his/her energy at a distance. 

These things are no coincidences. They are manifestations that show you are on the right track. Don’t dismiss them because they don’t seem important, or because they are not the actual manifestation. It is easy to get so fixated on what we desire, that we totally dismiss all the signs that it is on its way.  (A sign that you and Raquel will be together is her coming into your session 3 weeks ago.)

When you see these manifestations for what they really represent, that trust will get stronger and stronger.

God, wouldn’t it be great if we could just totally buy into Trusting things full bore instantly? How amazing would that be? Being constantly assaulted by awesomeness, while doing almost nothing to get it, except the things that feel really good to us. Never dealing with the icky doubt, or having to step into our crappy beliefs to own and finally release them? 

Technically, it is totally possible. But, an unlikely scenario. It will resonate for sure, and we’ll know there is truth to Trusting. But, the mind is resistant to change. You have believed the things you have believed for a long time, you are not just going to drop them like a hot potato.

But, with that being said, making this shift doesn’t need to be super-painful and drag on for years and years. It is important to also realize this shift does not have to be some 180 where you go from where you are now, riddled with limiting beliefs, to some master where you don’t have a single misstep or flicker of doubt. It is all about what is predominant…you just need to get working on creating a 51/49 mix. Lots of good things will start transforming, and that 51 percent will grow.

You may find you have an easier time cultivating Trust in certain areas of your life than in others. It will probably be more challenging to build Trust when it comes to the things that are highly important and you highly desire, such as finding/developing a relationship or reuniting with a person, when the odds seem insurmountable.

As your Trust in yourself grows, you will allow yourself to go after bigger and better things, and you will run into new layers of resistance that were not activated by previous, ‘smaller’ desires. You will get mad at yourself for feeling doubt and fear, but it is natural. You’ll note what is coming up, and you’ll find a way to deal with it. As you grow and evolve, you may find yourself desiring things you may not have desired before, and you are treading into all new territory, and stuff will probably come up.

Make peace with this process—there will be new things you desire to create, and you’ll likely need to do some inner work to let them in, however, you don’t need to suffer. It is all part of this glorious 3rd dimension.

If you diligently apply the three tips, I guarantee your Trust will increase, and the more you Trust, the easier and more joyful the ride becomes.

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