TIP: 9 Keys To Reach Your Goals Effortlessly and Easily

What is on your ‘To Do List? What are your goals? What is on your ‘bucket list?’

These tips will set you on an empowered and positive path:

• Let go of the ‘be perfect’ mind-set.

• Decide where you want to be in December 2014. Then work backward to create a plan to achieve your goals.

• Set sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure.

• Prioritize Goals – Review the goal list and rank each goal with an importance designation – one as most important with each subsequent number as next important. Review the list again – sort out goals with numbers one through five. These are the priority goals to start working on.

• Chunk down the time to avoid overwhelm… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Each goal requires several steps.

• Take pride in your goal achievement, you’ll see forward progress in what might seem like record time.

• Stay strong. Stay focused. Use a timer to keep yourself on track to accomplish each step of your goal.

• Decide each day what you intend to achieve and set-up the time schedule.

• Last, but not least, be sure you have some fun and relaxing time each day.

Remember the mistakes you made are a stepping stone to accomplish more going forward. There are no mistakes in life. So-called mistakes are opportunities to learn what works and what needs a different approach or fine tuning.

There is no shame in asking for assistance in self-improvement work.

If you need support, guidance, tools, and insight.