TIP: Do You Have Your Own Back?

When you deny your own power and suppress your energy by being inauthentic for example, life’s surprises can be unsettling. Experiencing progress, success and satisfaction become difficult, if not impossible as well.

To successfully have your back, you need to develop resilience. Resilience is learned from birth throughout life. The following four strategies will assist you to continuously develop resilience to have your own back:

  1. Develop relationships: 

    Studies reveal that strong, supportive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers are one of the primary factors to create a strong foundation of resilience.

  2. Embrace change: 

    Change is constant. When change brings strong emotions or hardship, it is natural to wish it were different. Accept what is. It is what it is.“You have power over your own mind, not over events. Realize this, and you will find strength” (Marcus Aurelius). Fighting or bemoaning the change only keeps you stuck in difficult emotions. Instead, acknowledge this change is difficult, painful, and unwanted. Then ask yourself what you need to do, and what type of person you want to be.

  3. Know your strengths and courage: 

    Remind yourself how you’ve dealt with adversity in the past. How were you strong? How did you call forth your courage? Are you a decision maker? Are you decisive? Take action to reach out and help others. Are you optimistic? Are you seeing the other side the coin, and lightening the moment for others? Are you persistent? Take time to reflect and build upon your strengths. Then put them into action to your best advantage.

  4. Take action: 

    Having your back sometimes requires taking difficult action. Even if it’s a small step, it’s important to face the difficult situation. You might think the obstacles you face are tougher to overcome than those of others. The reality is that every day, ordinary people are required to move past their circumstances, dust themselves off, and continue on. You can too.

Regardless what obstacles you’re experiencing, you can turn it around quickly when you use these strategies. ***