Twin Souls – Reunited

Many people contact me to do their conscious work of healing and becoming whole within. Their desire to do their inner work was prompted by an ‘awakening,’ that each in their own way realized she/he had a soul agreement to reunite with a Twin Soul this lifetime.

No doubt you have heard of Soul Mates. A Soul Mate is a soul you have met in your current life with whom you had a previous life/lives.  A Soul mate could be a lover, spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, student, friend, family member. Soul Mates can be our victims or tormentor. You have a soul agreement (contract) with each soul you have returned to earth with. Together you are working on resolving unfinished business between you as well as for greater learning and growth that this person can help you the most and in turn you can help him/her the most.

Twin Souls, a.k.a Twin Flames or Twin Rays are the other half of your soul. This phenomenon is based on the belief that we are all part of the Divine Being, God, All That Is, Source, Spirit, or Creator.

In order for The Divine Being to experience Itself, It divided Itself into many souls, each in turn divided into many others and many others. The final split of the many neutrally gendered souls created male and female halves of a whole – The Twin Soul.

You can live a lifetime in joy and harmony with a resonant soul mate, and this is a beautiful, albeit, rare gift. It is no coincidence that many people refer to their spouse as, ‘My better half.’

Each soul evolves and reincarnates through many lifetimes, gathering emotional and spiritual development, strength and courage. On some level we are all soul mates with one another, learning and growing from each other – teacher and student. Emotional and spiritual growth is manifested in loving and comforting lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love. Sometimes it is a case of ‘victim,’ or ‘darkness’ that brings the opportunities for growth.

Someone can come into your life and create great pain and suffering. This is a soul contract between you to grow and evolve in love and forgiveness. This is the balancing of karma, and one that will free you from the karmic cycle of “I am the tormentor, you are the victim or vice-versa.

You break the cycle by acting rather than reacting, by freeing the ego from the soul and learning to love and forgive even in suffering. Your greatest joy and your greatest pain are both conceived in these soul mate relationships, your feelings intensified by your soul connections, whether for good or bad. You can identify a soul mate or karmic relationship by the sense of, ‘Love at first site,’ or ‘Revulsion at first site,’ depending only upon the growth you have contracted to accomplish with this soul.

Twin Soul/Twin Flames meet only when lessons of love, loss and forgiveness are complete, thus the heart is made resilient and strong through pain and loss and is ready to face the intensity of being with the other half of their soul.

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Many people experience a “Dark Night of the Soul”, or a major spiritual transformation just prior to meeting their Twin Soul, or upon meeting their Soul Mate. It is believed that you need to be “emptied out” emotionally, spiritually and mentally as a test of your spiritual strength and courage. Connecting with your ‘other half’ can be a magical, maddening experience that opens your perceptions in ways you could not have done otherwise. Some people experience an opening of their psychic awareness as their heart expands in this unbounded, identical, and unconditional love bond. The truth of the matter is, your life will not be the same, and whether you perceive it as a gift or a curse, it is the challenge of your soul’s evolution. The Twin Soul connection is a triad involving the Divine Spirit/All That Is, two people connected by soul, connected to God.

Before one can physically unite with their Twin Soul, one needs to do the conscious work of healing and becoming whole within oneself. Twin Soul love cannot exist in a codependent, ego-based relationship, or from a perceived ‘need’ that the other person will make you whole. Both people need to face separations while they strengthen their own connection to Spirit and find their strength and purpose on their own.

When Twin Souls unite, each will find balance in their male/female, yin/yang union. When both halves of the Soul become strong pillars on their own, are healed and have resolved karmic ties in the present life, then they can unite to fulfill their Divine purpose. However, the challenges do not end. There is an intensity that can be frightening when facing the mirror of yourself – weaknesses and strengths magnified, unresolved issues and wounds painfully open to push you to further healing, or cause your ego to run from the relationship in fear. It is critical for Twin Souls to find their greater purpose, whether it is a task they will accomplish together or alone – there is work to be done.

Some Twin Souls choose to only unite on the spiritual level, while one or both may be living physically with another soul in karmic agreement. Twin Souls, who are having a lifetime in the same time period, but, not with each other, are considered ‘parallel lives.’ Some Twin Souls other half may not be on the Earth plane at the same time and will offer guidance and comfort from the other side as a ‘guardian angel.’

Synchronicities are an important part in Twin Souls meeting. These synchronicities are God’s messages to you to pay attention. You will find similar experiences in the same time frames before you meet, marriages, births, divorces, illnesses, etc. You may discover that you lived as neighbors in different towns at a point in your lives or vacationed in the same country at the same time. You might discover you champion the same sports teams or enjoy the same activities and have identical likes and dislikes.

The most frequently asked question about Twin Souls is: ‘How will I know if I have met my Twin Soul or if I am with my Twin Soul?’ Meeting or being with the ‘other half of your soul’ is life changing and profound that this question is redundant…you just know. Twin Souls both recognize this extraordinary bond, whether, you each are evolved and whole enough to acknowledge and act upon it, is another matter.

Meeting your Twin Soul sets forth an internal spiritual revolution, a deeper connection and understanding of the Divine and the Universal oneness, this is the greatest gift of connecting with your Twin Soul

Twin Soul love is not a desire to ‘possess’ another, it is truly a challenge to love unconditionally and without expectation, to be whole and complete within yourself before joining with the other whole and complete side of your soul.

When you connect with your Twin Soul, you will discover there is no ‘game-playing,’ manipulation or power struggles. You will notice you are compelled to be transparently honest in your relationship and communication with each other. If there is any karma from past lives to work through between you, it will be apparent and you will consciously work it out. If you or your twin is committed to another relationship, you will respect and honor that bond and realize the tests of unconditional love. Meeting your Twin Soul challenges you to grow and heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. You will see beyond time, ego and physical limitations. You will be compelled with the desire to be the best manifestation of your soul on earth. Twin Soul relationships are seldom about flowers or romance; they are about enduring beyond time and space.

There is a caution that these signs are absolute ‘proof’ of meeting the other half of your soul. Frequently, you might be challenged by meeting a ‘near twin soul’ or karmic soul mate who can mirror all these signs. Meeting a ‘near twin soul’ presents opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth – that is the reason you were unable to see that it was a ‘near twin soul,’ you needed to heal something before you could meet your authentic ‘Twin Soul.’ There are no guarantees in life, in every situation you are called to give unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, a meeting with a karmic soul mate can be an excellent opportunity for your emotional and spiritual evolution.

If you are determined to believe that this or that person is your Twin Soul, you might become blinded to the opportunity for your emotional and spiritual evolution. Life is about unconditional love in all forms, i.e. you need to truly trust in the wisdom of the Universe to bring to you those people, who will teach you best.

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The best way to determine if someone is your Soul Mate or Twin Soul is to do a Past Life Regression with a Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner. The best source to find a Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner is the International Board for Regression Therapists Inc.

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