Weight – Why Wait! Take It Off and Keep It Off

Weight – Why Wait
Take It OFF and KEEP It OFF

The Secret to Easy and Permanent Weight maintenance – Hypnosis

Oprah’s O magazine published the benefits of using hypnosis for weight reduction. Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated, Red Book, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal and many magazines continue to publish the benefits of utilizing hypnosis for personal change. Once informed about hypnosis, you will know that it is safe, natural, and very effective.

Hypnosis assists you to:

• Develop a healthy self image. See yourself in the future wearing the figure you desire.

• Learn to relax into taking weight off and weight maintenance. Stress is a serious factor in poor eating habits and comfort eating.

• Create Positive thinking about weight and food intake. Stop worrying about your weight and about healthy weight maintenance and start looking forward to taking it off and achieving your desired figure.

• Create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you are able to maintain your desired weight. You create a positive cycle which goes round and round. Most people think they need to take weight off to feel good about themselves. Surprisingly, when you feel good about yourself, weight reduction, health and happiness follow.

General information on taking it off…

Hypnosis allows you to overcome unconscious obstacles which prevent you from taking weight off and maintaining it. You know that eating too much is not what you desire and you know that exercise and healthy food are important. However, these are not conscious, logical issues. Successful weight maintenance is as much about re-educating your unconscious mind as it is about health. Hypnosis is one of the most natural ways to take weight off and maintain it.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings. https://drdorothy.net