What Are Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms?

All coping mechanism are unhealthy. Using coping mechanisms isn’t living life, it is coping through life. Your uniqueness and ability to function optimally is compromised.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms include but are not limited to:

1. Avoiding Issues – Refusal to address issues

2. Escape the immediate circumstance

3. Aimlessly playing video games

4. Excessive scrolling on SM.

5. Excessively playing Video games

6. Explosive/Abusive Anger

7. Compulsive Spending

8. Eating Disorders—Anorexia, Bulimia, Overweight

9. All Mental/Emotional and Physical diagnoses from A to Z

10. Smoking-Tobacco, Chewing-Tobacco, Vaping

11. Using illegal drugs

12. Using OTC and Prescription drugs…because the TWM doctor said.

13. Consuming Too Much Alcohol

14. Excessive Caffeine consumption

15. Excessive Sleeping

16. Promiscuous Behavior

17. Frequent emotional distress–Headaches, Stomach pain, Psychosomatic issues, Ulcers, Sleep apnea, etc.

18. Overweight, Obesity.

19. Drinking alcohol to excess or using drugs

20. Avoiding the problem

21. Bottling up emotions

22. Working too much or using other distractions

23. Denial

24. Accusing and Blaming

25. Verbal Abuse disguised as jokes

26. Withholding

27. Countering

28. Discounting

29. Blocking and diverting

30. Judging and criticizing

31. Trivializing

32. Threatening

33. Name Calling

34. Ordering others to do your bidding

All coping mechanisms are unhealthy. Coping in life isn’t living life on your terms.

Furthermore, there aren’t any one-size-fits-all coping strategies. Coping strategies usually are only effective in the short term. Thus, you are constantly needing to devise new coping strategies after the fact. Therefore, struggling through difficult issues instead of being able to work through difficult issues.

The most effective and efficient process to create the ability to work through difficult issues is Deep Transformation/Transmuting of old beliefs, thought, feelings and habits.

All symptoms and distress behavior are labeled by the psychiatric profession vis-a-vis the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as a disease, disorder, or mental illness. These diagnoses were specifically designed to justify and warrant prescribing psychotropic drugs and maintaining a perpetual patient for the duration of his/her life.

All symptoms, behavior, and diagnosis are more accurately a profound and necessary choice to survive the mental/emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse one experienced during the maturation years or beyond.

Mental/Emotional and Physical Transformation/Transmuting is possible without psychotropic drugs, artificial hypnotic inductions, rituals, life-long coping strategies, and psychic interventions. I have assisted many people to heal the cause of their distress and stress.

The cause of people’s symptoms, distress, mental/emotional, and physical dysfunction is the result of mental/emotional, physical and/or sexual trauma experiences that weren’t addressed then and are now coming to the surface as mental/emotional and/or physical symptoms.

The solution is easier than you think

Discovering and transforming/transmuting the cause of all distress symptoms and labels is the most efficient and effective protocol to regain your life.

When someone begins a holistic transformation/transmuting process, no matter how dire their predicament seems to be, I KNOW if she/he is WILLING to do the mental/ emotional discovery work; releasing and transforming beliefs, thoughts and feelings, anything can be transformed/transmuted. The word ‘incurable’ or ‘impossible’ only means that the particular condition, symptom or diagnosis cannot be ‘cured’ by ‘outer’ methods and that she/he needs to GO WITHIN to effect the transformation/transmuting. The condition, symptom or diagnosis came from mental/emotional distress and will go back to nothing.

When beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior are accessed and addressed at the unconscious, subconscious and cellular level, the ’cause’ of any and all symptoms and behavior become crystal clear–it is mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma/distress manifesting in the behavior and symptoms you experience.

A Transformation/Transmuting process is a clear, concise, and direct method of transforming/transmuting the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that transcends traditional protocols while retaining a professional focus. Deep Healing avoids prescription and OTC drugs, body parts removed, artificial hypnotic inductions, and psychic interventions. The process ties in directly with the experiences and needs of the person. The process is down-to-earth, to-the-point, practical, fearless and with 30+ years of experience and centuries of holistic health care protocol success I know there is no doubt Deep Healing is effective.

  • Get all your unnecessary emotional baggage transmuted at the unconscious level and instantly experience higher vibrations of love and peace. Discover how traumas and emotional wounds… even the tiniest negative experiences that you had forgotten about… are robbing you of your happy, fulfilling future that you’re meant to live. (You won’t believe how much power you’re giving away to these invisible forces.)
  • Uncover the reason(s) the traditional coping with trauma is not only bad but they’re dangerous. (If you suffer from any kind of anxiety, depression, PTSD issues healing at the unconscious level is powerful and empowering. Afraid of your past? Discover ways to clear painful memories without reliving them or telling anyone about them. (This is the miracle road to peace of mind that your soul was longing for, for years.)
  • Clearing your trauma and emotional wounds at the unconscious level is the first step to discovering the gifts you’re meant to have in this life. (It’s like one of those tiny levers that swing open giant doors.)Wellness is the state of being fully alive with a sense of attainment; responding appropriately instead of reacting to life and circumstances.

Mental/Emotional health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his/her potential while navigating the stresses and vicissitudes of life, working productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her/his community.

Mental/Emotional and physical health and Wellness is the act of remaining calm and focused while working things out with respect and unconditional intent to find a solution. Ultimately your personal character; personal strength and courage will evolve.

~To attain wellness requires you to make healthy choices in nutrition, relationships, social contact, work, and leisure activities.

~To attain Mental/Emotional health one needs to attain physical, spiritual, and social health in an effective, efficient, and balanced continuum.

Mind, Body, and Spirit transformation is possible without psychotropic drugs, artificial hypnotic inductions, rituals, life-long coping strategies, and psychic interventions. I have assisted many people to transform/transmute the cause of their symptoms and diagnosis from A to Z.

When you have achieved mental/emotional, physical empowerment, peace of mind, and happiness you can live life on your terms.

I am here only to be truly helpful. May you choose to empower yourself to live life on your terms.


Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Transformation Hypnosis Practitioner, International Best Selling Author, and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates creating healthy empowered life styles. All diagnosis from A to Z. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s thoughts and feelings. You can live the life you desire. 

Published: June 7, 2023