What exactly is an empath, and how do I find balance being an empath? My therapist concluded I am an empath and it is spot-on, but it is crippling me socially

My sincere empathy for your dilemma. As an empath, I understand your struggle. Being an empath it might be difficult to navigate some situations. However, you can learn to sidestep the pitfalls.

As an Empath you are highly tuned in, often referred to as HSP. However, the HSP descriptor is not entirely accurate. HSPs are sensitive to light, sound, experiences, and emotions. While Empaths will embody the emotions, experiences, and relational energy of others. This means that you not only feel what you are sensing, feeling, and intuiting, you often have intel on how you can untangle your circumstances and improve your life. When Empaths heal themselves and get beyond their egos, they can become emotional superheroes.

Empaths need to learn how to set clear boundaries with family members and friends. They need to adopt practices, habits, and rituals that help them clear the emotional debris they often collect through everyday experiences. Empaths are generally big-hearted, intuitive sponges. It’s not complicated; if you feel it, they feel it.

Because Empaths tend to live with one foot in other realms, they sometimes find it is difficult living in the 3rd dimension l world. To be grounded and happy, Empaths often need:

  • Time to consider, embrace and integrate personal and work relationships
  • Healthy food and healthy plant-based supplements
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices are highly helpful
  • Leisure activities that don’t involve crowds. For example, most Empaths might avoid shopping at Walmart and having wild parties or limited participation in these types of activities.

Empaths need space and solitude to allow for decompressing from input overload. Empaths also need to regularly express their emotions, which are most often, sadness. If you’re an Empath, you might be shy, spiritually inclined, a lover of solitude, and clairvoyant. You might also love to write, paint, sculpt or dance more than most artists. The fiercest Empaths will cut a relationship cord in the blink of an eye.


If you’re like me, you might be so sensitive and attuned to other people’s emotions and lives, that you sometimes experience temporary, physical manifestations of other people’s pain and trauma. This, too, shall pass.

When you finally come to terms with being an Empath, life tends to invite some dramatic, yet overall positive changes. You begin to set better boundaries. You learn what is right for you and what is hurtful. You learn what types of people diminish your quality of life, and you learn how to maneuver through society without losing hope.

Empaths hoping to become spiritual warriors can process the emotions and experiences of everybody around them at such a rate, they can burn through lifetimes of karma in one thrust of emotional expression.

To help me in this process of emotions, I watch movies that center around love, complex and deep relationships, and oppression. Because an Empath will naturally embody the feelings of the main characters in movies, your mind might notice you are feeling the emotions from beginning to end. As strange as that might sound, doing so, shedding lots of emotional and psychological debris, you can up-level vibration and awareness. In every instance, crying produces an indescribable feeling of freedom.

How to Protect Yourself

If you’re an Empath, you might likely have one or two unique gifts. You can use them to serve yourself and those you love, or you can share your gifts with the world. Whether you’re a full-time psychic or healer, or you want to keep yourself whole and happy, here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Seek ways to nurture your heart every day.
  • Keep things simple in relationships, work, and life in general.
  • Eat less meat, and only if it’s organic.
  • Eat only pasture-raised, non-GMO, happy eggs.
  • Eat lots of organic, non-GMO vegetables.
  • Eat spoonfuls of pure sunlight powder like Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley grass, Wheatgrass, and Moringa
  • Be decisive so that you have flow in your life.
  • Let go of the people and things that consistently burn you or trip you up.
  • Be less impulsive so that you can better serve and heal yourself. If you’re not whole, it’s difficult to assist others do the same.
  • Don’t let solitude swallow you whole. Step into the light, often!
  • Don’t allow another people’s momentum or conviction to sway you from your truth and peacefulness.
  • When in the throes of conflict, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or coerced into an argument.
  • If you’ve absorbed another person’s energy, dance around the room to release it through prayerful movement.
  • Avoid taking on too many projects, tasks, or relationships at once. If you have too many pockets of energy swirling around you, you might become confused and exhausted.
  • Learn to continually love yourself, even amid the worst mistakes and challenges. When you fall short of this, nudge yourself back to self-love.
  • To become resilient, turn to nature, meditation, prayer, and rituals.
  • Stay away from people who tell you that you’re too sensitive. They will never fully understand you, and they might fail you at vital junctures in your life.
  • Be a little less generous, especially when you know your energy is depleted.
  • Seek love and adventures with people who honor your role as an Empath.
  • Set firm boundaries with the people who believe that Empaths and other sensitives are weak.
  • Confide in at least one loving, caring person every day.
  • Dig a little deeper into your faith by seeking the most love-based and light-filled aspects within your comfort zone.
  • Watch movies that compel you to love and provoke your tears.
  • Avoid being afraid to ask for affection when you need it.
  • Spend lots of time in the water. Whether it’s hot baths, cold showers, lakes, streams or oceans, Empaths tend to revitalize around water.
  • See your heart as a beautiful, fragile, and powerful light being. Love and protect your heart, and seek to express the feelings that live there.

Remember that you are a bundle of electricity, a complex vibration, a spark born from the eternal consciousness’s love of life. Even amid the worst circumstances, be open to the possibilities, embody hope, and seek light and love. These things are your birthright.

The world needs healthy, positive Empaths. If you’re so inclined, you can make a living as an intuitive reader, healer, or psychic. With more healers and Empaths serving creation, our planet stands the best chance of infusing itself with light and love.

I love being an Intuitive-Empath and serving others. Over time, I learned to exit stifling situations and protect myself. I also learned to stop apologizing for my gifts. Now, I can wholeheartedly be myself without judgment. I hope you can, too.

In all things, dig deeply to find your clarity, express your emotions, and honor what you know to be true. Being an Empath is a wonderful thing.



Published: November 6, 2022