What First Step Should I Take In Terms Of Healing From Childhood Trauma?

Thank you for asking me to answer your question.

You have taken the first step by acknowledging you experienced childhood trauma and want to heal mental, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.

Self-Help books provide good coping skills, however, Self-help will never heal the deep and pervasive trauma.

All mental, emotional and physical symptoms, behavior, and diagnosis are more accurately a profound and necessary choice to survive the mental, emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse one experienced during the maturation years or beyond. You did a good job doing what you did to survive. What you chose to survive was perfect for you. Which is testimony that when you decide how to heal you will be successful.

Discovering and transforming and transmuting the cause of all Mental, Emotional and Physical symptoms and labels is the most efficient and effective protocol to regain your life.

Transformation Hypnosis is defined as the treatment of the whole person–Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Cellular instead of simply treating the symptoms of a specific illness or disease. Transformation Hypnosis Protocols is the most effective and efficient protocol for mental, emotional and physical health.

Mental, Emotional and Physical Transformation and Transmuting is possible without psychotropic drugs, artificial hypnotic inductions, rituals, life-long coping strategies, and psychic interventions. I have assisted many people to heal the cause of their distress and stress.

The condition, symptom, or diagnosis came from mental, emotional, physical distress and will go back to nothing.

When beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior are accessed and addressed at the unconscious, subconscious and cellular level, the ’cause’ of any and all symptoms and behavior become crystal clear–it is mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma/distress manifesting in the behavior and symptoms you experience.

Transformation Hypnosis is the most effective and efficient mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing protocol.

When someone begins a holistic transformation/transmuting process, no matter how dire their predicament seems to be, I KNOW if she/he is WILLING to do the mental/ emotional discovery work; releasing and transforming beliefs, thoughts and feelings, anything can be transformed and transmuted. The word ‘incurable’ or ‘impossible’ only means that the particular condition, symptom, or diagnosis cannot be ‘cured’ by ‘outer’ methods and that she/he needs to GO WITHIN to effect the transformation/transmuting.

Here is testimony to the effectiveness of Transformation Hypnosis.

The two most relevant studies are: The Secret of How Hypnosis Works Does Hypnosis Work? A Comparison Study, American Health Magazine, (acquired by Time Warner’s Health magazine 1999) reported the following findings from a study. These two studies in 1969 and 1970 have never been refuted in 54 and 53 years respectively. https://privatnipsiholog.rs/images/delotvornost%20hipnoze.pdf

• Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

• Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

• Transformational Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.

The ROI for Transformation Hypnosis is measurable by the number of prescriptions and OTC drugs you stop using, how much better you feel, the number of doctor appointments you don’t need, the joy you have in your life, heightened energy, etc.

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