What is the best way to learn about reincarnation on a more personal level? How do I learn about my own past lives and how they affect me?

The best way to learn about reincarnation is reading the many excellent first-person or therapist written books or engage with a certified past life regression professional.

Here are the premiere past life regression certification international boards. Many of the professionals work on video conference, no matter where you are in the world, you can find a certified past life regression professional that meets your needs.

International Board for Regression Therapy https://ibrt.org

Earth Association » Regression Therapy https://earth-association.org

The best way to learn about your past lives and how they affect you is to engage with a Certified Past Life regression practitioner.

Here are a few benefits of past life regression work.

1) Mental and Emotional Clearing: Past life regression work is very effective in clearing out stagnant energy blocks, pain, fear, anger, sadness and phobias. Many negative emotions influence our beliefs that manifest as recurring mental, emotional or behavioral patterns. Past life regression work has the potential to clear these and stop them from reoccurring. Knowing about your past lives can also help you get a better understanding of who you are and inculcate a deeper sense of peace.

2) Discovery of Life’s Purpose: Whether you’re aware of it or not, your past life memories are deeply embedded in your subconscious. Getting in touch with your history will help you better understand your inherent strengths and weaknesses. It can also give you a bigger picture of who you are. This way, you can completely experience the present moment, allowing your life’s purpose to unfold. This can make you well-equipped to understand your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

3) Deeper Understanding of Life’s Challenges: Most of the challenges that you face in life today have their roots in past lives. Knowing your past life can help you uncover the underlying cause for your existing issues. Sometimes, all it takes is a deeper understanding of your issues’ causes and a sense of forgiveness for healing to occur. Striving for this allows for change in your current situation.

4) Open Limited Thoughts and Beliefs: While your beliefs and thoughts are largely influenced by experiences and society, the influence past lives have on your beliefs, thoughts and feelings cannot be overlooked. Most of our limited beliefs and thought patterns are linked to experiences from all incarnations. Learning about your past lives will assist you to release these experiences and expand your mind by incorporating positive thought patterns in them.

5) Extinguishes Physical Pain: Deep-seated musculoskeletal pain is closely linked to past life experiences, unhealed past life wounds, and trauma. Past life exploration will release blocked past life energies. This can instantaneously take away musculoskeletal physical pain that you might be experiencing.

6) Creates Positive Behavioral Patterns: Everyone comes with a baggage of behavioral patterns that seem cyclic. No matter how much you work on something, you repeatedly find yourself in similar situations behaving in the same manner. These unexplained behavior patterns have their roots in a past life. Learning about your past life can help you deeply understand the cause of these patterns and break their cycle. Once you’re released from the old patterns, you can consciously replace them with positive behavioral patterns that serve you well in this lifetime.

7) Allows One to Live Fully in the Present Moment: Knowing your past lives can assist you to understand that you never die, but instead reincarnate in another form. This gives way to a deeper understanding that just as clinging to the past is futile, fear of the future is also a waste of time. Focusing on the present moment and living fully in it would then remain the only reasonable and practical choice as it releases you of the fear of uncertainties.

8) Gaining Wisdom from Past Experiences: Learning about your past lives can unlock great wisdom from past experiences, your higher self, and spiritual guides. Such wisdom allows for maturity in its practical application to the various aspects of living. For instance, you can correct mistakes in a past life as you live your life now. It can bring about a transformational change in the ways you view the world, yourself, and your life. This higher level of perception can change your life and bring about immense healing, acceptance, joy and sense of completeness.

9) Gaining Positive Outlook Towards Life: Knowing your past life gives you a deeper insight into your true being and the realization of your spiritual nature. This awareness naturally leads to deep-rooted changes in your value system, moving you to value universal love, compassion, and kindness. Appreciation of these universal values can guide you in setting your priorities right. With this understanding, you can fully enjoy the present moment and view life positively.

10) Gives Sense of Fulfillment: Once you’ve shed your baggage through past life regression work, you can see light in your inner self. An increase and awareness of yourself can give you a sense of joy and contentment. This allows love to flow more freely through you, restoring your sense of well-being and providing fulfillment.


Learning about your past lives not only brings mental and emotional peace but also liberation from physical pain. Past life regression work helps bring your buried past life experiences that hinders you from gaining a higher degree of self-awareness.

Clearing up old thought patterns and experiences leads to deep healing and wisdom. With an increased sense of awareness, you’ll also learn to appreciate universal values of compassion and view life more positively. Ultimately, learning about your past life gives you a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Confronting the miseries of the past is often difficult, but there’s much healing that this process can offer you. Past life regression work provides a way for everyone to heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. With the courage to take that leap, you can find the answers we desire.


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