What Is Your Reason To Continue Using Tobacco?

What Is Your Reason To Continue Using Tobacco?

Maybe you had hypnosis for tobacco (smoking) cessation before, but, you had a relapse or maybe you did not have any success. Or you may have different reasons (excuses) why you would rather continue to use tobacco or that you can’t be hypnotized.

You might believe that it is the hypnosis practitioner’s responsibility to succeed and that failure is never the client’s fault.  And therein, lies the rub. Of course, the practitioner has culpability and responsibility to use the most effective tools. Yet, the majority of hypnosis practitioners have little training beyond the fundamentals of post-hypnotic suggestions. Using forensics to discover the root cause, which can be processed to resolve the need to use tobacco to cope and coupled with post-hypnotic suggestions an outcome/result that is known to be quick with no relapses can be achieved. Furthermore, with your determination and commitment to be successful with the process, you will be a non-tobacco user.

Think about it. Almost no other hypnosis service has an outcome/result that is known to give quicker results. Weight loss clients may go days, even weeks before they know the success or failure of the sessions. Clients with fears may go even longer before they are sure their fears are gone. Many other services may have no definite outcome known. However, with tobacco cessation, you will know in less than 24 hours if your session was a success. There is no middle ground. It either worked or it did not—i.e. you are either still using tobacco (smoking) or not. This is not the case with all hypnosis sessions.

Are you willing to be a non-tobacco user (smoker)? And if you have doubt let me know about your doubts, because your doubts can be addressed as part of the tobacco cessation process.

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