Who Benefits Most From Past Life Work?

Everyone benefits from doing Past Life Work. I’ve assisted people who said they didn’t believe in Past Lives. However. their desire to resolve a situation that was holding them back or they were plagued with recurring health issues that doctors said were simply in their minds because many tests did not reveal an abnormality, they were willing to give Past Life Work a chance. To their surprise, the Past Life Work resolved their mysterious mental/ emotional or physical health issues.

People with chronic health issues that have no known origin, those with inexplicable issues, as well as persistent pregnancy issues (I’ve helped people who haven’t been able to conceive) benefit from Past Life Work.

Past Life Work is also beneficial for anyone having a run of bad luck, who wants to figure out how to end the back luck and maintain positive consistency, as well as a person interested in knowing if they have the ability to develop a healthy relationship.

Crossing the bridge from current life to a Past Life

Some people believe there are only a select few people benefit from Past Life Work. This belief might originate from those who did Past Life Work with a practitioner who had training in Hypnosis work, but no training in how to conduct Past Life Work. Thus, the breadth and depth of a Past Life experience are less fulfilling. It is important to do Past Life Work with a practitioner who is a Certified Past Life Regression practitioner. Many practitioners work using Zoom or other video-based Internet platforms.

Past Life Work is about uncovering unresolved issues, and past trauma—sometimes, you’re shown happiness in a previous life which can be inspiring and help you remember how to live a good life today. Seeing how you shined in a past life, can remind you of your worth and power.

My job is to be a conduit —I act like a bridge and help connect people to their own power and empowerment. 

Past Life Work is rooted in mental/emotional and physical trauma—sometimes a person will discover they suffered from an illness in a past life that affects their well-being and may be connected with all their current distress this lifetime.

I have worked with clients who have breast cancer, and the sickness is related to sadness or grief from a past life. When the past life issues are discovered and processed and the emotional distress is replaced with peace of mind, strength, courage, and calmness, the inflammation labeled cancer disappears. 

Past Life work shines a light on the reason the person has particular relationships. One of my client’s father, who was wealthy and never helped her financially, discovered that in a past life, she was her father’s friend and that friend was wealthy but didn’t help him. In this lifetime she is experiencing what she did to him. We incarnate with the souls we have unfinished business with or because we each possess the perfect characteristics to teach each other what each needs to learn/experience–a soul agreement. Furthermore, it is well-documented that we choose our family–parents and siblings–for each incarnation. All parties agree to provide what each person in the family constellation requires.

Past Life work is powerful, empowering, and healing, to bring an understanding of interpersonal dynamics through the lens of the past. It gives a complete perspective on all the vicissitudes in one’s life. 

The only answer to solving mental/emotional and physical distress symptoms lies in self-investigation. Complicated technological paraphernalia and regurgitating past beliefs, thoughts and feelings will not help us explore the realities of the human psyche, personality, and experiences. Whatever answers to resolve our distress will be found only through the exploration of the inner self. . . And we can get that data from the subconscious mind. Only discovering all the facts can give us the answers.