Words Secretly Sabotaging Your Life

If you talk yourself into a dark corner in an empty room or if you convince yourself that no one, and I mean no one will tell you, you are sabotaging yourself this article is for you. It’s sad; it’s getting old, and it just doesn’t work for you anymore. You can change the sabotaging words without changing the core you.

Self-Sabotage Words               Empowering Words

Always                                               Sometimes, Usually, Seldom

Never                                                 Usually, Sometimes, Seldom

Have to___.                                     I will___. I won’t___. No interest. Chose.

If Only……                                         In the future__.  If I (you) desire___.

Why didn’t/don’t I (you)___?     In the future__.  If you desire__.

You (I) should/shouldn’t*            If you (I)__. When you(I)__.

I’m trying___.  Try___.              I intend to___. I will___.

I can’t                                               I will___. I decided to___.

I won’t                                             I’m interested___. My idea is___. I will.

But,                                                 No excuses. However, I (this)___.

Hope, Hopefully                           I will___. I intend to___. I decided to___.

Wish                                               I will___. I intend to___. I decided to___.

Why me?                                      After evaluating, I will___. It is what it IS.

That’s impossible.                      What I perceive I can conceive. Ask for help.

Life is difficult.                           Life is life. I will handle the vicissitudes.

God’s will.                                   I have free-will. I am responsible. I will create.

God doesn’t give me more….  I create my reality. I will decide___.

I don’t know                               All truth and answers lie within—LOOK,                                                                                                                LISTEN, TRUST

I’m tired.                                     No excuses. I’ll evaluate and decide.

I’m worried, worrying              No excuses. I will evaluate and decide.

Too busy                                     No excuses. I will schedule it. NO thank you.

Not enough time                       No excuses. I will schedule it. NO, thank you.

Around-to-it.                             No excuses. I will. Or NO, thank you.

I’m afraid to___.                     No excuses. I will___. Or NO, thank you.

What if___.                              No drama/worry. Evaluate and decide.

Yes, but…..                                No excuses.  I will___ No interest___.

What is my purpose?              I create my reality. What reality/legacy do I                                                                                                                                   desire?

Might                                         I will__. I intend__. NO. No interest.

What is wrong w/you/me?   I am concerned when you(I)__. I need to                                                                   change___.

Waiting for___.                     Everything is in perpetual motion. It will appear.

Not good enough                   Who is my judge/jury? I am enough. Step into                                                                                                              my empowerment.

I don’t know how___.          Learn. No one ever knows everything.

Ya’ can’t have everything.      Focus on your desires. Decide. Take action—

Work, Retire, then you die.   I will decide, plan, act, and enjoy Life.


*It is interesting to note that Spirituality based languages do not use the word ‘should’–i.e. there are no ‘shoulds’ in the Universe Laws.