Worry and Fear – How To Find Solid Ground

Maybe you remember hearing “What you focus on you create.” 

If you’ve read some of my articles, you probably remember my saying, “To worry is to pray for what you do not desire.”

With the current paradigm shifts whirling 24/7 this is a good time to focus on finding solid ground. With all the disinformation, lies, conflicting opinions in our world now, it’s important to make sure that you avoid allowing fear and, or worry to rule your life. Being scared, afraid, and worried isn’t going to help you find a solution for you to move forward.

This is a poignant time to be cautious. Yet, it is also a time to consider what you can do differently to create new opportunities and new successes.

When things seem to be upside down, or outside your control it’s up to you to decide how you will approach life, living and prospering.
Sacred Places, Sacred Stories: Bicycle Pilgrimage, 2015 | Kairos Earth

Ask yourself:

~”What can I do to be prudent, diligent, effective, and efficient?”
~”What needs to be done to support me, my family, my job and, or my business?”
~”What steps do I need to put in place to approach this in a more effective way?”

In my opinion, this is a time to bring forth Trust and Faith. I believe that things will turn around. I believe that we are meant to be happy. And I believe that we are supported, and we are being led to something greater, even when we can’t see how that can possibly be true.

Perhaps, that is the most important time to nurture your willpower to stay focused on Trust and Faith. Through the worst of times in my life, it has been my Trust and Faith that have gotten me through and given me the clarity to see what I needed to do. It is what is helping me to Stay Strong, Stay Focused, and Stay Calm now, even when there’s much volatility in the political arena, financial markets, and others who are seemingly floundering in despair.

Trust and Faith-based people who believe as I do, that the Universe (God if you wish) wants us to be wealthy, happy, and prosperous in all areas of our lives and go through tough times with clarity of purpose and create our desires.

And Trust and Faith are for people who desire to increase their financial wealth and resources.

I hope this reminder or, what may be new information for some helps you to stop, take a step back and come back at it again with a calmer, more prudent and empowered perspective.
Align with your vision of the future
You can align with your vision of the future. Here are three tips to move past fear and worry to reach the solid ground:

1. Pay attention to your thoughts. It’s easy to absent-mindedly let your thoughts run out of control with all the possible worst-case scenarios you can dream up. Or the worst-case scenarios you hear on TV, radio, read on Social Media or hear everywhere you go, etc. While that can help you to create a plan of action (see tip #3), most of the time it will simply derail you. Becoming consciously aware of what you are thinking is the place we all need to start.

2. Move from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. You can only hold one thought in your head at a time. Is the one you are thinking of negative or positive? Somewhere in the negative, there is an opportunity to be found. Challenge yourself to find it and move to an abundance mindset. You can even make a game of it, which might be a fun experience to do with your family and/or your work team. Give a prize for the most creative ideas!  Children as young as three can contribute too. Children might think of playing or eating ice cream. There is brilliance in that idea. During tough times adults often curtail pleasurable indulgences activities. A suggestion of playing or eating ice cream is a great reminder to look for ways to have fun and joy in life during tough times.

3. Consider ways to gain better control. Sitting in fear or worry doesn’t do anything for you. Instead, explore it. What is driving the fear? What worries you most? Write it down. Now you have a list of things you can take action on. What is something you can do right now to get each one under control, create a solid ground and help you find peace of mind?

This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. Are you willing to take the steps required to claim your happiness, success, fulfillment, and empowerment? Will you take advantage of the opportunity to create a new reality for your life? 

It’s time to SHIFT and get prepared for what’s coming up for your life… so I want you to put your heart and soul into paying close attention to how much mental, emotional and physical pain you are in. Then, step by step you can make the transformation gently, easily, and without having to deal with the mental and emotional pain and stress of not knowing what to do, not feeling your best, and all the other OLD WAYS that are holding you back. 

You might need to ask for assistance to clear out self-doubt, fear, guilt, shame, or unworthiness. 

This is an investment in your health, happiness, success, fulfillment, and empowerment. Following the principles in this process will change your life forever and I want you to experience it yourself as soon as possible. Remember only you can take care of your happiness and mental, emotional, physical health, and professional success.

You can do it!  Call me if you need assistance to transmute any blocks or distress no matter how dire, how long you have struggled, or other things you have done.  “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible!” ~ Audrey Hepburn

If this is you, let’s connect. Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call now.

I wish you great success in all your endeavors. 
You can create the life you desire and deserve.