Your Previous Lives Make You Who You Are

Are You Living The Life You Intended? 


The canvas of your life isn’t as blank as the majority of people think. We choose to incarnate with a constellation of souls–parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, et al. Each soul decides the reciprocal lessons each will provide the other. Every life has a purpose and mission. Your soul has a destiny, a plan for each lifetime.

I’ll share a little secret: It’s not a secret.

Before you were born, your soul created a life plan, a kind of outline or blueprint for its journey this incarnation. Your life plan includes your parents, siblings, life style, people to meet, places to go, lessons to be learned, and fear and blocks to overcome.

Your soul’s life plan is not carved in stone. Ahh, herein lies the mystery of mysteries.

Your soul simply acts to give your life a focus. Your soul allows for the full use of free will, while ensuring that you follow the cues and signposts contained within it.

As a Metaphysician and Transformation Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Practitioner, my work involves uncovering the elements of a person’s life plan to help them live a happier, more fulfilling, and more purposeful life. And the first thing I address is the soul’s plan and number of prior incarnations. 

Based on your soul’s experience and number of incarnations, your soul  speaks volumes about how you see the 3rd dimension.

As a soul, that has incarnated in the 3rd dimension several times, you’ll notice you’re less judgmental, more accepting, and more socially and environmentally conscious than the majority of people. You’re more likely to identify yourself as spiritual rather than simply religious. You’ll see the world in shades of gray rather than black and white. Your heart will go out to society’s less advantaged, like the homeless and other minorities.

Thanks to reincarnation, your soul will improve each lifetime on the foundation of those that came before.

Talents and abilities are developed over your many lifetimes. When it comes to choosing a career path, or interests and other activities. You can look at the soul’s past for clues on what it wants to work on now.

The more incarnations you’ve had, the greater level of compassion you carried into this life. Your soul’s journey is one that takes you from fear to love as it evolves over centuries and millennia of experiences.

After scores of lifetimes, souls have learned important lessons about the sanctity of life. When you’ve been imprisoned, tortured, executed, and cruelly mistreated in past incarnations, you’ll want to see a fairer, more compassionate world. Few souls with many incarnations support the death penalty, waterboarding, three-strikes laws and other drastic measures that austensibly  keep less experienced souls feel safe.

Your previous lives have impact positive and negative in your current life.

Your soul chooses your entire personality as part of your life plan before you were born. Your desires to make sure that who you are in this life would best suit your soul’s goals. Your soul brings with it the traits and behavior—what I refer to as its Soul Type and influences—that it knows will enhance its journey.

Your Soul Type and influences are based on your function in the tribe many thousands of years ago.

Since being separated from the source every soul had a purpose. Hunter Types were physically active, and had a clear mandate, to do just what the name suggests, and ensure the survival of the tribe. Caregivers were nurturing and caring, Educators taught, Leaders led, et al.

The particular combination of Soul Type and influences you choose, each time you come here, is designed to help you achieve the lessons and missions that are part of your life plan. Knowing who you are speaks volumes about the reason you’re here now.

People often say they don’t remember their past lives. I argue that we do.

We all reveal our soul’s past through the talents, and the traits and behaviors we manifest. We also exhibit much of our soul’s trauma from other lives in the fear, phobias, limiting beliefs and areas of physical weakness we carry that seem to have no rational cause in this life.

A past life in which you were hanged will cause neck pain in this incarnation. One that ended in beheading will show up as neck and shoulder pain.

Low self-esteem in this life can be traced back to a life in which you were treated as worthless. Slavery in the past can create feelings of powerlessness and a resistance to being controlled that’s summed up in the phrase, “Don’t tell me what to do!” 

The exciting thing about uncovering past lives is that it leads to profound healing. When I assisted a person. who was judged and executed in a past life, simply learning about what he experienced is often enough to overcome a debilitating fear of public speaking. In case after case, I’ve discovered all that’s required is to remind the soul that “That was then, and this is now.” Реинкарнация Анны Франк - сны из прошлой жизни

Your Soul Searches for Meaning

A fundamental aspect of living the life your soul intended is finding meaning. For a soul with many incarnations, what you do in this life gives you a sense of purpose. But what creates that sense of purpose is an individual choice. What works for one person is meaningless to another. One person might feel deeply satisfied working in hospice care, while another would hate every minute.

A sign that an activity or a job has no meaning for you is that you tolerate rather than enjoy the experience. You keep looking at your watch, wishing you were elsewhere, or look forward to doing something else. Conversely, when something gives you meaning, that’s when an hour passes in a few minutes. You enjoy an inner sense of fulfillment, and you can’t wait to do it again.

Every life has a profound purpose, and finding what it is leads to a sense of meaning. You’re here to be yourself, not who someone else wants you to be. Living the life your soul intended begins with uncovering who you are, so that you can better understand what it is you came into this world to do. It means finding and recognizing the talents and abilities that will help you find fulfillment in this lifetime.

And by uncovering the past-life fear, phobias, limiting beliefs, and other blocks, you’ll create a smoother path ahead. Therefore, you create life a great deal easier to identify and achieve your goals, and create a deeper sense of happiness and purpose.

Your destiny, your life plan, is not a secret. In fact, it’s hiding in plain view. You simply need to know where to look.

So, tell me, are you living the life your soul intended?

Published: March 20, 2023