Your Soul Is Who You Truly Are

Your soul is who you truly are. Your soul is the engine of your existence. Living life as a spiritual being in human form is truly what it is all about in the three-dimensional world.

The majority of people are caught up in all of the humanness, (three-dimensional existence) struggling to bring themselves into alignment with one’s soul, a.k.a. spirituality. Unfortunately, the ego gets in the way. Your ego mind is responsible for navigating the vicissitudes in the—Three-dimensional world. In this narrative, the ego can seem to be the ‘know it all’ and take control of your full existence. Add to that the emotions that are created by ego beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and life becomes a kettle of soup.

How you perceive yourself in this lifetime has everything to do with how you walk your path, answer your soul’s calling and share your gifts with others.

Your perception drives everything.

When you broaden your view of who you are and the reason(s) you are here, you will discover that you do not need to live small, be dictated by others’ opinions, or fail to explore the possibilities. It is important that you take time each day to explore what it is all about, the reason(s) you are here, how you can grow and what you will give and receive.

The soul’s sole purpose for being in-body is for emotional and spiritual growth.

The physical realm is a big part of being able to navigate in the three-dimensional world, there is no doubt about it. However, you also have the ability and the will to make your spiritual realm equally balanced. This takes trust, strength, courage, insight, and more. The reason(s) your soul decided to dance in this lifetime is embedded in your subconscious mind and soul? You need to Look, Listen, and Trust. When you have a knowing about something or an Ah-ha moment, the gut feeling, (6th sense, intuition) that is your soul reminding you of the reason(s) you incarnated. Your soul is who you truly are. The body is simply the vehicle to navigate the three-dimensional world.

Learning to trust that even during those times when you feel lost, overwhelmed, or confused, all is proceeding as it needs to proceed on a soul level as well as on an ego level.

Your higher power is cradling you gently in all your struggles, travail, and successes. You need to let go of the need, the desire, and the habit of wrestling things in your preconceived ego notions to be in full control. Control is merely an illusion the ego mind has conjured up.

Courage is important to carry you through the unknown as you step forward. As you take steps in trust you will discover that you need to draw upon a bit of courage as well. You might need to take some calculated risks or need to break out of old patterns. You need to take on new endeavors and make new goals and dreams. You need to boldly go where you have not gone before.

While your life path may not be the yellow brick road, making friends with your internal cowardly lion and empowering that aspect of yourself will surely serve you well. You need to learn to trust your innate wisdom and step into the courage to act upon it.

As you begin to understand what this life is all about you lean into it with your insight. Your soul gifts you with deep knowledge and understanding. Those hunches that you get about what to do next is your soul and guides (Guardian angels) guiding you. Often insight will appear in your dream time as the answers to your questions, manifesting in unusual and delightful landscapes and scenarios.

Your insights are like road signs that gently guide you along. Your ah-ha moments—the awareness that grabs your attention at the moment you are making a decision, the repeated messages that cannot go unnoticed when you take your new steps of trust with a healthy dose of courage, are all a part of the insight that has been blooming within you since you were puffed off from the source.

You chose to be in this human form with these experiences in this lifetime.

Nothing transpires as a coincidence. Of course, you cannot even begin to tap into what it is all about from beginning to end. While you will have brief complete understandings flicker in for a second, the ego mind needs to engage to navigate the three-dimensional world. Therefore, the complete understanding can only flicker in momentarily. This inner knowing assists you to hold trust supports your courage and inspires your insight.

Your soul continues to call you forth moment to moment. Your heart fires your passion and love. Your mind generates new ideas and tremendous possibilities. And your beautiful human body helps you bring an action to your intentions.

There are many reasons your soul chose to be in-body at this time. And while in a trance facilitated by a Certified Deep Healing Practitioner you can learn about your soul’s intentions for this incarnation. And likewise, you can learn about your previous incarnations and future intentions whether in or out of the body.

Bringing balance into your spiritual practices and inner knowing and authentic truth to walk beside your human vulnerabilities, capabilities, and strengths is the soul’s purpose and mission to be in-body. As you remember who you truly are, you will discover what your next steps will be.

As you honor who you truly are, a Spiritual Being having a human experience and a Human Being having Spiritual experiences, life in the three-dimensional world becomes easier and easier to bravely trust your soul’s mission and intent and bring all of who you truly are out to the world.

We are all in this experience together. We are teachers and students of each other. Look, Listen, and Trust. Oh, the things you will learn might astound you or confuse you. However, in either case, it is all perfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect for you.