ALS – The Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon

The Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon for ALS is one more distraction rather than finding the root cause and requisite holistic recovery protocol for ALS.
The Root cause of ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis a.k.a Lou Gehrig’s disease) – Unwillingness to accept self-worth. Denial of success.  The silly ice bucket challenge is as lame and pathetic as the Susan G Komen, Cancer Cure Foundation, Pink ribbons, marches and more BS.

Susan G Komen’s Foundation charade hasn’t prevented one woman from getting cancer. In fact, research reveals a higher percentage of women contract breast cancer after going on a march than those in the general population.  Neither will the silly ice bucket challenge change how many people unconsciously choose the thoughts of – Unwillingness to accept self-worth. Denial of success – as a coping strategy that manifests ALS.

Facts about ALS – ALS Association:

  • Most people who develop ALS are between the ages of 40 and 75, with the majority after age 60, although it can occur at a younger age.
  • The disease is relatively rare; the incidence is roughly 2 people per 100,000 per year.
  • Most surveys hold that ALS is more common in men than women, though that gap may be closing.
  • The incidence of ALS is five times higher than Huntington’s disease and about half that of multiple sclerosis.

The one factor, in the Western Medicine protocol is that the psychological, spiritual and interpersonal effects of the symptoms of — called a disease by the aforementioned constabularies is rarely considered. From a purely metaphysical perspective depression is a message that all the joy has been squeezed out in favor of others’ needs, wants and perceptions. In addition, depression is created by longstanding emotional issues; anger that the person feels s/he does not have a right to have and hopelessness ensues. Last, but not least, longstanding emotional pain engenders a belief in stress and strain. Life is difficult becomes the overriding life perspective.

A Holistic Health Care approach emphasizes the human psyche and body’s inherent self-healing ability. This is a clear divergence from conventional medicine—a.k.a. Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) or Allopathic Medicine, which focuses on managing sickness and treating symptoms.

Holistic Health Care is a wellness protocol that addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit (a.k.a. Emotional/Mental, Physical and Spiritual). Spirit or spiritual references the Universal Energy–All that Is. It is the essence of who you truly are–the core self.

Holistic Health Care highlights the causes of illness and focuses on developing a protocol to transform the mind, body and spirit to its natural state of health and wellness.

Holistic Health Care focuses on the cause and effect of every symptom. For every effect (symptom) in your life, there is a thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. A consistent thinking pattern creates your experiences. Therefore, by changing your thinking patterns, you can change your experiences, including the dis-ease (symptoms) you experience. The mental thought patterns which cause the most dis-ease (symptoms) in the mind, body and spirit are Criticism, Resentment, Anger, Shame and Guilt.

Heal(ing) has a definitive definition for most people. When we use the word healing it implies there is something wrong. I believe healing is much more. The soul’s sole purpose for being here is for emotional and spiritual growth a.k.a. transformation. Healing is evolving and optimizing into our Health and into who we truly are. I believe that Mind, Body, Spirit healing is restructuring our energy that has become distorted, misaligned or suppressed. My definition of healing is evolution beyond just losing some ability and regaining it.
What are we really asking for when we ask for Mind, Body, Spirit Healing?
When we truly ask for Mind, Body, Spirit healing we are asking about the ‘cause,’ of our pain not the symptoms we are experiencing. When I work with someone, I am not treating, I am not giving therapy, I am only conscious of symptoms because the symptoms are clues to what needs to be transformed. Using the subconscious mind the person is guided to create their unique transformation process to ultimately eliminate (heal) the cause of the symptoms.


Do our beliefs create our symptoms a.k.a. illnesses?Without blaming, shaming or finding fault, our beliefs definitely form our limitations and on many levels our beliefs can inhibit us from evolving beyond something or creates a way to live life. What we tell (self-talk) ourselves has an impact on our physiology. For example: Depression (symptom) is Anger turned against the self. Anxiety is the inability to trust the flow and the process of life and ALS is unwillingness to accept self-worth. Denial of success. What we need to discover is the root cause of the Anger, Anxiety and ALS to resolve and transcend each symptom.Generally, people continue to do or think whatever they do or think until they have reached a point of pain they no longer want to endure, thus they focus on ‘getting rid’ of the pain. Western medicine and pharmaceutical research understands this phenomenon well. Together Western Medicine protocol and pharmaceutical research have diligently focused on the pain and provided magic pills to mask the pain. Thus, many people are addicted to a ‘quick fix,’ albeit has many adverse side effects.

Transformation (healing) comes when we know what thoughts/beliefs create the pain. i.e. an insight into the cause and effect. Once the insight is made, we then need to transform the thoughts, behaviors and habits that created and sustains the ‘symptoms’ to complete the transformation – i.e. experience life’s vicissitudes from a new and empowered perspective.

What is the most important thing people need to know about Mind, Body, Spirit healing?

Once someone has experienced the Mind, Body Spirit transformational process, it no longer matters what your prior experience has been, except to lead you to what you need to transform or transcend. Within the first session people are amazed at their transformation. Generally people need more than one session to complete a thorough transformation.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD provides a highly effective protocol to discover the root cause of all issues and diagnosed symptoms. Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation (EPST) is direct, focused and combines creating health while healing the past. It is precise, powerful, virtually painless and an accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer mind, body and spirit. EPST allows you to access your past, present and future – as well as your subconscious, and clear negative energy on all levels – Mind, Body and Spirit