Are You In A Saga Living On Auto-pilot?

If you are living on an auto-pilot there is help.

Here is how to discover if you are living on an auto-pilot.

Think about how you feel when you travel back and forth between places you’ve been to many times

You basically know the route like the back of your hand!

Maybe you walk, maybe you drive, but whichever way you get there, you eventually find yourself moving automatically.

Your surroundings blur into the background and your feet (or vehicle) practically work without you consciously controlling them.

This dazed thinking where your actions don’t require your awareness is how the majority of people live.

It’s the same trance that mindless factory work creates in the assembly line: the same, repeated work that produces the same, repeated stuff out of muscle memory. 

And you still get some kind of result from it, but it’s the same result–over and over.

You might be experiencing this as a sense of “being stuck”. 

Maybe you’re not moving the needle as much as you used to, or you’ve found yourself simply going through the motions and hitting a ceiling with your success and impact. 

If ‘feeling stuck’ seems like what you are experiencing…You probably wonder, “What can I do about it?”

The key to getting past a sense of being stuck is by shifting out of auto-pilot and re-enrolling as an active “student of mindfulness and transformation.”

We wish we had a crystal ball': Food bank leader expects heightened need to  persist | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As an active listener to the signs and signals of the Universe, you become more receptive to the message of longing and discontent and act on them instead of letting them fade into the background noise.

And as a student of mindfulness and transformation, you make it a daily habit to turn your attention to the sacred calling of the Universe towards greater expansion, full creative power, and extraordinary results!

Fortuitously, the students, who complied the high school senior class yearbook epitaphs were tuned into the Universe. I know this because my epitaph was, “She grows old learning something new every day.” Indeed, I was already on that path and have lived it consistently.

If this resonates with you, learn more by reading this step-by-step process.

1. Maintain A State Of Life-Long Learning As a Transformation student

Personal and Professional Transformation means embodying the example of growth and change as a continuous, life-long process. 

And when you follow this approach to life as a transformation student, you inspire others to do the same.

This part of living what you teach is vital to your sacred calling. So as teachers of transformation, let’s rediscover the importance of showing up as a transformation student for yourself, and for others. 

The Universe Is Your (Infinitely Generous) Teacher

In your lifetime, the Universe will continually invite you to move up the spiral of your own becoming. And while the Universe will call you to perfection, it will ask you questions like:

“How can I express myself through you in ever greater ways?”

When you study the signs and signals of the Universe, what you’re really doing is studying yourself. You are one with the infinite, and this greatness in you will always call you to progress, growth, and greater expansion. The quality of your life will depend on the quality of your answer to this call.

But let’s say you’re in a rut and going through the motions. Maybe you’ve lost zeal or passion and you’re trying to tap back into the frequency of success and abundance in your life. 

The best thing to do from where you’re standing – regardless of your circumstance, situation, or condition – is to hit the restart button. Take a breath and continue building your dreams from where you are, with what you have.


  • Building a Solid Vision for your Life, Career, or Business. This will help you set your direction and refresh your perspective.
  • Completing a Personal or Professional Development Program. Whether you’re learning new career skills, soft skills, or technical skills, furthering your education is a surefire way to grow and challenge yourself.
  • Graduating from a Personal or Development Program. Gives you a repeatable, proven system that will assist you to build your career or business faster and easier than doing it on your own.
  • Personal Development/Professional Development. Investing in yourself can help you improve in all areas of life, especially in self-love, self-care, and overcoming your inner critic. 

If none of these options speak to you now, that’s okay

As a Personal and Professional Development specialist, I know, it can be easy to grow far-sighted to the dreams we hold close to the heart. In other words, you can grow so attached to your vision that you drown out the signs and signals that the Universe is sending for you to think – and dream– bigger! 

Sometimes we can slip back into unconscious or subconscious paradigms and need to tap deeper into our awareness to release fear, doubt, worry, or unworthiness from our life.

So give yourself permission to notice your thoughts and lean into the courage you have within yourself to dream BIG!

And if you still sense being stuck – that you’ve hit a ceiling – or that you’ve tapped out your level of success, know that this is only another signal from the Universe. Whether you are listening to the signal of longing or discontent, they both guide you in the direction of expanding your dream.

2. Accelerate Your Transformation Growth (By Asking The Right Questions) 

Research that Supports Being "Good with People" - People Equation

IN your transformation growth, the blueprint of your dream is a life-long project. However, that doesn’t mean you are alone to accomplish it.

When you notice a plateau in the trajectory of your life, the solution is to surround yourself with people who have the expertise or knowledge to support you. With the right people, you’ll have a much easier time remembering who you truly are – connected to infinite power and potential – and shift back into the frequency of extraordinary results.

In order to shift out of auto-pilot and remain awake, you need to “notice what you’re noticing” – and the most vivid image I can create is quite literal. Imagine that you’re fighting sleep. There are times when you drift off and nod your head, only for you to shake off the sleep and become aware of your consciousness again.

Do you know what makes it easier to stay awake?


Accountability partners. 

Partners in believing. 

Not just anyone, however. It’s important to choose like-minded people to help you learn about your blind spots and accelerate your growth. 

But how do you know who to go to – whose feedback to trust? 

Would the best source be your family – friends – mentors? 

Let’s make it as easy as possible to find the right people who can help you uncover your blind spots and guide you towards greater possibilities.

Transformative Learning: Ask The Right People About Your Blindspots

The closest people to you might have an agenda, and given the opportunity to “support you” with advice, they will speak from that agenda.

You’ve probably experienced some version of this from your family, friends, or peers. 

Like getting the “same old speech” when you go to your mom or dad about a sensitive topic or getting the same negative advice from a friend.

So the challenge is to find the people in your life who have your highest good in mind. Before you approach someone for support, assess whether they have these 3 qualities:

  1. Somebody you care about who deep down you believe cares about you.
  2. Someone who has no agenda for you other than your fulfillment and happiness.
  3. Someone who is growing themselves (so they aren’t threatened by your growth).

If the person you’re considering matches the above criteria, I encourage you to ask them:

“Hey, you know me – maybe you see something about me that I’m not seeing about myself that could help me grow. If there’s anything you could come up with – and it doesn’t have to be now – would you be willing to share it with me?”

To show you how this is possible, I’ll share the conversation I had with a friend that resulted in the most valuable feedback at the time it was needed the most…

My friend was attending a workshop on personal development and on week 3, they had an assignment about “blind spots”.

She was tasked to call 3 people that mattered to her and ask this question:


Now, you can only imagine how strange I felt when she called me to answer that question! I was hesitant. I asked her for some time to think about it. 

But the moment I hung up the phone, I realized I knew exactly how I felt manipulated by her. After I recognized her sincerity and desire to grow, however, I called her back the next day.

I told her, “Here’s what I experience, I sincerely believe it’s a good intent on your part – you don’t want to interrupt me from my life or what I’m doing – so you don’t call me hardly ever. Sometimes a week – ten days – or two weeks go by and we haven’t talked. 

And when I call you, you say ‘Oh, I’m so glad you called me because I’ve been wanting to tell you something!’ So that leaves the calling all on me!

What I would really love is that you call me whenever you want to call me. And if I’m busy, I’ll just say ‘I’m busy’ and call you back!”

My friend responded, “Oh! I don’t call you because I don’t want to interrupt – you’re an adult woman now, you’ve got kids, you’re busy…”

And I said, “But to me it’s a blind spot – that you don’t know how I feel about that and I haven’t spoken up about it – so thank you for asking.”

That one conversation completely changed our relationship

And all it took was for her to ask a question about how I might help her see into a blind spot and how it was affecting our relationship. 


While I was going through a very difficult, disruptive time in my life, my friend and I were spending time together. I was reminded of the time she asked about blindspots and I asked her:

“Is there something you know about me that I don’t know about myself?”

In other words, I asked her if there was something she could see that I couldn’t see about myself that could help me.

A few hours later she called me and said, “I finally got it! You will only see the good in other people no matter what it costs you. You let people into your life who aren’t the best people at times.”

I mulled over it, and I realized that I could grow in that area of being able to discern people’s motives better. I could still see the good in every person, but discern who I let close to me.

And that was the beginning of a new era of growth and empowerment in my life. 

You, too, have people in your life who can help you break into new levels of transformation. In fact, one of the greatest ways to grow is having people around you who help you grow

As a person who is on a transformation path, this makes discernment even more important. Because when you surround yourself with the right people, you’ll not only uncover your blind spots, you’ll also accelerate your growth. 

Create Extraordinary Results With Partners In Believing

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  ~Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker assists people to understand the impact of social influence, especially in the most intimate circles of life.

Another way to understand it is “whoever you allow having influence in your life will also influence you through the way they think.” 

Therefore,  if the people you surround yourself with are thinking on the same frequency of abundance and success, your thinking will generate more success!


By staying in a supportive environment, surrounded by mentors and partners in believing, you amplify the vibration of success, abundance, and results in your life and those around you.

HERE’S THE INFLUENCE A mentor will make:

  • Assist you to learn how to think, especially in noticing unconscious and subconscious paradigms.
  • Teach you how to approach problems and solutions differently.
  • Assist you to generate ideas for what you could do at the time.

The result?

Within a single year, you can double all the results you have dreamed of in your life. From there you can double the results again. And on and on, exponentially. 

Not only will a mentor completely change your life, but it will also change your entire trajectory forever.

So know this: 

Whoever you allow to serve in the role of your partner in believing will have a far and lasting impact in your life.

When you start considering who to invite into the sum of your averages, you want to make sure they satisfy the following requirements in order to truly help you up the spiral of your own becoming:


You wouldn’t go asking somebody who hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve if they themselves don’t think it’s possible to achieve it! How would they know it’s possible if they haven’t done it themselves? 

You need a mentor who you can learn from their experience. Their accomplishments are the kind you’d love to achieve and experience. That means they have a lot of world experience and know-how to assist you to grow.


A true mentor believes in the power in YOU to create whatever you want to create. A power in you that’s greater than your history, your performance, than the problems you’re facing, than any situation – circumstance – or condition.

You need someone who truly believes that whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve. You need someone to be solid in that belief so you can be solid in that too –  so solid that you BORROW from their BELIEVING. 

So even when you’re tempted to “squeeze” the infinite into your plans, you’ll be reminded of the solid belief your mentor has and keep an open mind to the possibilities and therefore be open to receiving those results.


A true mentor in believing will make no agreements with why any “x” circumstance is going to stop you from achieving your dream. You need someone who will remind you that you are more powerful and contain more potential than any situation or condition. 

You need a mentor who will encourage you to dream bigger. Beyond your fear, they’ll continue to ask “What would you love?” and pull out the depths of your longing. They will also understand that you’re going to stumble along the way, but they’ll help you measure your progress especially when you’re distracted, delayed, or discouraged. 

Now imagine this positive influence on a much larger scale. Where you can stay in a supportive environment, see others in action, and work with transformational principles in different ways with fresh perspectives. 

This is where you can really thrive to create your dreams and as a transformation student. 

Conclusion: Your Invitation!

If you’re seeking mentorship and partnerships required for your next level of transformation, I would be honored to offer you the opportunity to connect with me, a true partners in believing.