Guest Blog: Corporal Punishment of Schoolchildren: Two Opposing Positions

You cite the problem of student-on-student violence. I agree. That’s a serious problem wherever it occurs: California, Georgia, anywhere. If we are to effectively deal with it, we should start with the root causes. Inevitably, children behave as well (or as badly) as they are treated. If we want them to learn to resolve their differences nonviolently, we as adults must model that behavior.

Guest Blog: St. Aug board struggle is settled; paddling is banned

Local directors of St. Augustine High School and its Josephite founders said Friday they have settled their legal struggle over control of the school with a new leadership structure — and agreement that the days of corporal punishment are over. “There will be no attempt to reinstate corporal punishment,” said Dan Davillier, a board member who helped fashion the out-of-court settlement with the Josephites, who founded the school 60 years ago.