Guest Blog – Spanked Children Hitting Back

JUST two smacks to your three-year-old can lead to a violent primary schooler, new international research has shown.

Infrequent use of spanking defined as one or two times a month doubled the risk of aggression in five-year-olds.

It is the first time research has shown increased aggression could not be explained away by other factors, such as high stress in the mother or maltreatment or neglect of the child.

Child psychologist Bob Montgomery has called for a public health campaign to cut out smacking.

Dr Montgomery believes this would lead to a reduction in schoolyard and street violence.

Prevention starts in the home and skills learnt from parenting programs such as the Triple P parenting course could alter lives, Dr Montgomery said.

Do You Over Indulge Your Child(ren) With Possessions and Things?

Do you wonder why you feel the urge to buy your child(ren) toys that they seldom play with or are soon bored with? When you take the time to question your propensity to give your child(ren) new toys and clothes frequently – weekly, biweekly or daily, you will find that you have an internal sense of lack. Thus, you are buying things for your child(ren) to fill up your own empty feelings and pain. If you feel yourself wanting to indulge your child with material possessions, take a moment and go within to see if you can sense where your motivation is truly coming from.