Are Some People More Prone To Depression?

All people who were mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or sexually abused during their maturation years and beyond are prone to use depression as a coping mechanism. All mental, emotional, and physical negative symptoms, behavior, and diagnosis are more accurately a profound and necessary choice to survive childhood trauma. Childhood trauma is the result of anything that …

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Corporal Punishment: Creates Broken Children and Broken Adults

Worldwide research shows that corporal punishment absolutely serves no useful purpose whatsoever, but, causes untold damage to the individual, and creates broken children, broken adults, physical and mental wrecks, violent abusive, aggressive revengeful adults, wife-beaters and all that adds up to an appalling society that nobody wants.

Guest Blog: Child Porn Ring Uncovered Using Stuffed Toy Bunny

Authorities have identified more than 140 young victims so far and say there is no end in sight as they pore through hundreds of thousands of images found on the suspects’ computers. They are also trying to determine whether the men who talked about murder and cannibalism actually committed such acts or were just sharing twisted fantasies.