Reasons For Engaging In Past Life Recall

Past Life Recall is an easy, natural and risk-free method of emotional, physical and spiritual healing and self-improvement that every person can easily utilize. It has been effective in helping essentially every understood illness and disease and constantly produces an advantageous impact. Chakra balancing is another important aspect of Past Life Recall as it releases obstructions, and brings balance and positioning into the physique’s power.

Become The Change The World Needs – Animal Extinction…So Go Humans

War of the Whales tells the true story that the Navy has been suppressing for decades. Josh spent years digging into classified Navy files and interviewing people involved in the Navy’s Marine Mammal Research Program all the way back to 1961! Retired Navy dolphin trainers — and even retired admirals — shared secrets of the program that have never before been reported. Finally, we know the true facts about Navy sonar and the mass stranding of whales and dolphins worldwide.

Holistic Heart Health and Wellness

Chinese have some of the lowest rates of heart disease (less than a third of the US), despite very high rates of smoking (men 62%). However, because of the size of the population, 2 million heart attacks occur annually (compared to 7 million strokes).

Tracy Gaudet, MD, director of patient-centered care at the Veterans Health Administration, describes Naturopathic protocols as a ‘huge’ answer for the U.S. at a pivotal transformational moment’ in health care. In an institutionalized era when prescribing drugs or performing surgery is a reflex action from the majority of doctors—and patients themselves see drugs or surgery as the way to achieve a ‘quick fix’ to banish symptoms forever, yet, this mind-set is counter to the reality of Western Medicine’s poor performance. The World Health Organization reports that one (1) in ten (10) U.S. women die of breast cancer each year; while only one (1) in ten thousand (10,000) Chinese women die of breast cancer each year.

Economics – What Year Is It?

If you did not see the dates for these headlines, would you think they were the headlines in 1974 – 2008 or would you think they all belonged to 2000 – 2008? Are you seeing the picture? What are you seeing? What is real, and what is contrived? That is the million-dollar question. Even during the Great Depression, the severe economic crisis supposedly precipitated by the U.S. stock-market crash of 1929, millionaires were made. However, this is not about being a millionaire; it is about creating stability, good health, healthy relationships and creating your future.