Economics – What Year Is It?

Economics – What Year Is It?

Carl Jung wrote, “Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Jung (July 1875 – June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and founder of analytical psychology. Jung is considered to be the first modern psychologist to state the human psyche is ‘by nature spiritual.’

Jung divided the psyche into three parts, identifying the ego with the conscious mind. The second part, Jung believed was closely related to the personal unconscious, which includes anything which is not presently conscious, but can be. Deviating from Freud, Jung identified the third part of the psyche as the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is a reservoir of one’s experiences as a species, a kind of knowledge one is born with. Yet, few people are directly conscious of it. It influences all of one’s experiences and behaviors, especially the emotional ones, but one knows about it indirectly, by looking at those influences.

Again, deviating from Freud’s theories, Jung posited that intrinsically everything that transpires is from the inside out. However, western culture has woefully ignored Jung’s theory. The majority of people wait for and expect someone or something to happen outside to create their lives.

Based on Jung’s theory, you are a collective consciousness and you, as a part of the outside collective consciousness, are the creativity and the creator of your life, no matter what is going on outside of yourself. You have a choice as to how you participate (or do not) with the outside collective known as ‘they.’ ‘They did not do… They did…’ It is an American habit to disavow oneself of all responsibility for anything, including one’s health, wealth and happiness.

What have we learned from history? Will today’s issues affect the results tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or the next generation? The following headlines are from Time Magazine over the past 40 years.

Time Headlines:

1974: “Energy Crunch: Real or Phony?”

1975: “Doctoring the Economy, What will work?”

1979: “The Energy Mess”

1981: “The Ax Falls”

1982: “Unemployment, the Biggest Worry,” “Interest Rate Anguish”

1984: “That Monster Deficit, America’s Banks Awash in Troubles”

1986: “High Tech Wall Street, Is It Good for America?”

1987: “The Crash”

1990: “High Anxiety (Looming Recession, Government Paralysis and the Threat of War are Giving Americans a Case of the Jitters)”

1992: “The Recession – How Bad Is It?”

1998: “Is The Boom Over?”

2001: “How to Survive the Slump?”

2008 “Surviving the Lean Economy”

Los Angeles Times article, “To celebrate the first major fuel crisis the retail price of a gallon of gasoline shot up from 38.5 cents in May to 55.1 cents in June 1974. The New York Stock Exchange shares lost $97 billion in value in six weeks.”

If you did not see the dates for these headlines, would you think they were the headlines in 1974 – 2008 or would you think they all belonged to 2000 – 2008? Are you seeing the picture? What are you seeing? What is real, and what is contrived? That is the million-dollar question. Even during the Great Depression, the severe economic crisis supposedly precipitated by the U.S. stock-market crash of 1929, millionaires were made. However, this is not about being a millionaire; it is about creating stability, good health, healthy relationships and creating your future.

Fear destabilizes life, upsetting the health and relationships of anyone who allows it to affect them. The news media and politicians want you to belief the ‘sky is falling.’ Yes, it is tough to be laid off or seeing your friends or family get laid off, or if you own a business to see your products or service in a slump.

However, there IS money to be made. You need to think, ‘outside the box,’ and see the situation in a different light.

What you focus on is what you attract. Yes, the Law of Attraction applies in every situation-albeit the analysts are predicting doom and gloom, you can move ahead of the current paradigm.

If you talked to Warren Buffett, he would tell you to analyze what you can do-versus what you can not do. Buffett did not become one of the richest people in the world by worrying about a down turn in the economy or doing what everybody else does. He developed and worked a plan to continue to grow his wealth. When everybody else is selling their stock, Buffett is buying.

Yes, he gets ‘sweetheart’ deals and all that, and you are not Warren Buffett. However, my point is that, in tough times, you have choices, even though they may be few. You can give up or think, ‘How to leverage what is.’ Instead, of seeing the glass as half empty you can see it as half full. Instead of thinking and focusing on doom and gloom you can develop creative strategies to stay ahead of the ‘so-called’ trend.

The economy rises and falls in response to what people are willing to put into it. Likewise we have inside ourselves an inner economy that falls in response to our beliefs about what is possible or impossible-positive, negative or neutral.

It takes courage to stand up to the prevailing fear paradigm. The fact is that the molecules of fear are very dense, heavy and restrictive and they block the creative process.

The headlines and stories are the same year after year. Are you willing to continue to buy into the same old rhetoric or will you begin to create your life as you choose, not as determined by the media, politicians and pundits?

Now is the best time to create, implement and manifest your best life because it is the time in which you live, for better or worse. Right here, right now – is the only time that counts.

Now is the time to let go of the stifling fear. Look inside yourself and listen to the whisper of confidence that lies within each of us. The collective unconscious that lies within reach, but few reach it. You can use your innovative spirit to create a new paradigm, a new product or industry, bringing prosperity to yourself, your family, your community and generations to follow. You can be the next success story or the paradigm shifter who, ‘stepped out of the box’ forever. You will be joining many who came before you. And no doubt many, who will follow in your footsteps.

You can not change the past, but individually and collectively you can change the future. Reflect on these past headlines and create positive headlines. Time really is on our side, if you see the past for what it is…a lesson you can choose to learn from. The future is just one second from now. Your future is what you make it, and time is on your side as it does not stand still, albeit people might.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Hypnotherapist, Author, “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life.” Dr. Dorothy has the unique gift of connecting people with a broad range of profound principles that resonate in the deepest part of their being. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s daily thoughts and feelings.

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