Empowered Communication

Empowered Communication

Healthy relationships are one of the major pillars for a happy, healthy personal and professional life. It is ironic then that the education of children and young adults is devoid of teaching effective communication skills. Of course, we are taught grammar and punctuation, however, that is content. The process is the most critical aspect of communication.

Verbal messages are delivered by words, tone of voice and body language. Do you know which one carries the most impact for the listener?

Do you know who has the most influence in a conversation—the speaker or the listener?

Do you know the 5 mistakes the majority of people make in verbal communication?

Empowered Communication sets forth:

  • Twelve (12) Communication styles
  • Conflict resolution strategy
  • How to manage criticism from others
  • How to deliver feedback without judging or criticizing.
  • How to mitigate and manage manipulative communication styles.
  • How to gain trust.
  • How to negotiate win/win outcomes.

Is your personal and professional communication going as smoothly as you desire?  If not, you need a refresher or you simply need clear, concise skills.  With effective communication skills you can manage every conversation from simple to complex with ease.  Contact: drdorothy@drdorothy.net for the next Empowered Communication teleseminar date. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician – Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs as well as restoring your Mind, Body and Spirit back to vibrant health. You can live the life you desire. She facilitates Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Future Life Progression. She is featured in the documentary The Business of Dis-ease. She was a World Regression Congress faculty member in the Netherlands, India, Brazil and Turkey. https://drdorothy.net http://facebook.com/DrDorothyNed http://teamasea.com/drdorothy