Reasons For Engaging In Past Life Recall

Past Life Recall a.k.a. Past Life Regression is a Holistic Healing Modality, which deals with the mind, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and spirit. It carries one back to those times prior to one’s current  birth/life and brings forth previous life times. This is done to resolve conflicts, complications, confusion, and all diagnosed symptoms that an individual may be experiencing in the present.

The explanation for embarking on Past Life Recall is to enhance the emotional, physical and spiritual quality of one’s life, right now. Its principal goal is to make one’s life simpler, easier, better and more satisfying, in this present moment. Past Life Recall attends to the root cause and it allows remarkably deep change to occur at the very source of the problematic issues, all diagnosis from A to Z including, anorexia, anxiety, asthma, arthritis, back problems, bed-wetting, bulimia, bi-polar, cancer, diabetes, eczema, fibromyalgia, flu, glandular fever, heart problems, insomnia, jaw problems, kidney, lupus, etc. The process directly deals with the interior emotional and physical cause.

Past Life Recall is an easy, natural and risk-free method of emotional, physical and spiritual healing and self-improvement that every person can easily utilize. It has been effective in helping essentially every understood illness and disease and constantly produces an advantageous impact. Chakra balancing is another important aspect of Past Life Recall as it releases obstructions, and brings balance and positioning into the physique’s power.

Therapeutic hypnosis and a Past Life Recall process is more effective than modern popularized treatment procedures. Modern procedures only offer instant relief, but hypnotherapy and Past Life Recall adjusts the emotional structure while providing total elimination of the symptoms and origin of the issues. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development. Her PhD is in Metaphysics.

She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc.; Past President, International Association for Regression Research Therapies; Past Board member, Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Board Advisor & Faculty Member, World Regression Congress – Netherlands, India, Brazil and Turkey.