Strength and Courage – How Powerful Is Yours?

You might believe that what is preventing you from accomplishing your desires is a combination of issues – time, skills, finances, etc. Iron clad and plausible excuses are in plentiful supply – The ‘If only…’ or ‘What if…’ syndromes come into play. Yet, you need to break through the road blocks piece by piece, and it all starts with a thought and willingness to do so.

Connect With Your Real Self – Your Core

Have you noticed that some people are in touch with their feelings with ease? I am not referring to drama, hysterics or emotional games – ‘Poor me, ‘Ain’t it awful, Why me?, etc. I am referring to the deep connection with one’s core. The Self that is the ‘I am,” that is breathing you. It is the ‘I am’ that you are before you took on this human body and after you lay this body down for the last time.

Your Inner Being – Connect More Frequently Without Meditating

We aptly call ourselves, Human Beings. However, more often than not, we only focus on ‘doing.’ As we move more and more into a technology driven existence, we seem to be busier, albeit, we are accomplishing less, communicating less, connecting less, knowing each other less. Do you recognize the pattern? Are you sensing the pattern in your life? This article discusses how to have more connectedness.