Choices—Manage Them or Be Managed By Them—Your Choice

Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all forms of energy. What you choose to believe, think, feel, say and do in each moment comes back to you to create your reality. Energy moves in a circle, so what goes around comes around. The combined beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions of everyone on the planet creates our collective consciousness. Your choices create the world you see.

The Quality Of Questions We Ask Determines The Quality Of The Life We Live

A poignant, yet simple, life principle posits that, ‘The quality of questions we ask determines the quality of the life we live.’ Asking oneself questions is the vehicle to strengthen and create the depth and breadth of your life. What, Where, Who, When, Which, How are the salient questions to create the depth and breadth to make your life meaningful.

Thought Or Thinking: Manage The Difference

Having a thought and the act of thinking are two different phenomenon. When you are thinking a thought, you are giving life to that vibration. Thoughts will come and go, but your thinking is held with decisive intention. Thoughts that are of cynicism, resentment or betrayal are optional. You have a choice and you have a right to say yes or no to these thoughts. What you thought has power over you has none without your permission. You create constantly through your thoughts you hold onto. Choose consciously what you are thinking about – your thoughts that you hold with decisive intention.

Your Life Is Sculpted Moment-To-Moment

Your life is sculpted on a moment-to-moment basis. All your thoughts, the words you speak and the actions you take contribute to the complex quality and character of your unfolding world. Every action taken affects the whole as greatly as every ‘action not taken.’

It is simply impossible to be alive without making an impact on the world around you. When it comes to making the world a better place, what you choose not to do is just as important as what you choose to do.