Inner Spiritual Guru

You have within you an inner spiritual guru. There is a part of you there in residence, right now. No matter how busy it is on the external part of your life – in the core and truth of your being, you already are in residence in the inner spiritual guru of total peace, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and aliveness. In your core is where all answers are known, all peace is found and all rest is assured.

Manifest – Believe Without Doubt

Whatever you desire – health, success, happiness, peace of mind, good relationships and the list goes on – you need to start it on its way.

The Universal Laws guarantee the results when you align with them, because they are a natural principle that does not change over time or with the vicissitudes in life. Being in alignment with the Universal Laws is no different than if you planted corn in a field and nurtured the soil.

Greatness Within

Western society focuses on managing life based on education, logic, scientifically proven ideals, and history. Thus, children are conditioned, indoctrinated and instructed to manage life from that which is prescribed by scientific ideology and history. The operative word, ‘…from without,’ establishes a mind-set of being ‘without.’ Living life from within establishes a mind-set of going within, connecting to the core of your Being, and from this place activating the power within to reach your potential and goals in every area of your life.